We Had Lions And Elephants Right Next To Our Vehicle!

This past May we were fortunate enough to go on a safari and we chose Africa Dream Safaris to help us. Africa Dream was the best decision! One of us is a bit of a nervous traveler, and they took care of everything – there was nothing that went wrong – if there was, we never knew as they took care of it immediately. Before our trip all our questions were answered in a timely manner, and in detail!

The animals and scenery were phenomenal! Our guide, Chris, could spot the animals a mile away and helped us to find them. Chris even smelled honey badgers far away and we were able to travel to where they were and watch this rarely seen animal. We saw a leopard and even lions in trees. Chris was an expert on knowing where and when to find each animal.

We were able to get so very close to the animals. It was fascinating to watch three female lions and three cubs walk along the road, stop to take a sip of water, and watch the mother and cubs play together. Chris had the patience to know just where to wait and where to park the car so the animals would come to us.

We had lions and elephants walk right next to our vehicle! One day hundreds of baboons came up over a hill directly in front of our truck. What a show it was. They were so close we could have reached out and touched them. Of course, we did not, they are wild animals.

Every day was a new adventure. Chris always kept our vehicle immaculate – even after we drove through a very dusty area!

Our lodgings were all top-notch! Each had something special to offer in the way of view, facilities, food, bush dinner, and proximity to animals. One afternoon a large herd of zebras ran right by our porch. We were able to stand there and watch them as they went running by.

The people in Tanzania were so friendly and kind to us. We highly recommend Africa Dream Safaris.

Edward and Amelia K.
East Windsor, New Jersey
Safari Dates: May 15, 2022 to May 23, 2022

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    1. Pat Eacho! We just got back from an ADS safari! What a great experience. I just ran into your name and comment while going through their blog.

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