Welcome Back Tanzania!

The Tanzanian government recently announced the lifting of all international travel restrictions following a decreased trend of COVID-19 cases in the country and that it’s ready to welcome back visitors with open arms. In recognition of the importance of health, safety and security of tourists, the government further announced the implementation of strict operating procedures for each sector of the tourism industry (hotels, tour operators, airports and national parks) to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


All of us here at Africa Dream Safaris and our many colleagues across the tourism industry were obviously delighted to hear that Tanzania is leading the way in East Africa with reopening safaris in a safe and sustainable way. Given the importance of social distancing in this ‘new world’, we would be remiss to not point out the inherent advantages of a private safari, which we pioneered in the Serengeti National Park over 20 years ago.

With Africa Dream Safaris you’ll never be shuffled together in a vehicle with strangers. Private vehicle safaris are ALL we do here and they really are the ultimate in secluded wilderness experiences especially when combined with smaller camps and tented lodges in the remote areas of the Serengeti.


Here’s some specific policies and procedures we have implemented as a company to ensure an extra level of comfort for our guests.

– All of our staff are receiving education about how the virus is transmitted and the adjustments required for personal interactions. We are teaching enhanced hygiene techniques including details about social distancing (no handshaking or close contact).

– We are asking all of our guests to travel with masks. We will also distribute hand-made masks to guests to supplement your supply. Your guide will have his own masks.

– Hand sanitizer, liquid soap and purified water will be provided in each vehicle for additional handwashing. Your guide will disinfect high touch surfaces including door handles and windows on a daily basis.

– All vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized after each safari including binoculars, guide books and all surfaces (door handles, seats, etc.)

– All hotels, lodges and camps will be adhering to the newly drafted standard operating procedures for accommodations. These include screening and temperature checks for all staff, frequent disinfecting of high touch surfaces, limiting the number of guests for dinning services, avoiding buffet style meals, wearing recommended protective gear and observing social distancing guidelines.

Lastly, this summer and fall will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the single most popular national park in Africa (the Serengeti), with reduced visitor numbers not seen since the 1970s.  As of June 4th, the Great Migration is currently in the Western and Central regions of the Serengeti but the massive herds are quickly moving North and by next month the infamous Mara River crossings should be well under way in the North Serengeti.

Those adventurous travelers embarking on a safari this summer/fall will certainly be rewarded with epic wildlife viewing but will also be greeted by smiling faces from the gracious people of Tanzania eager to see tourists return to their beautiful country.

International flights are resuming in July across all the major air carriers (Delta/KLM Airlines, Turkish Airways, Qatar Airways, etc.). However, daily flights wont be happening until August. Based upon a quick search of flights for Delta / KLM Airlines, prices for August in economy class are about $1,000 per person round trip from the West Coast and about $700 per person from the East Coast. We can’t remember the last time we’ve seen airfare at $700 round trip to Kilimanjaro on Delta and that amount includes taxes!

Just as a point of comparison, flights from last year during this time on Delta / KLM Airlines were running $2,000 plus for the busy summer season so we’re looking at over a 50% reduction in fares.

The savings are even greater with business class as most international carriers seem to be pricing their business class fares at about $3,000 per person round trip for this August where as last year at this time you could expect to pay upwards of $7,000 per person on Delta / KLM Airlines for business class.

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