Africa Is A Place That Will Call You To Return Again And Again!

The decision to travel with Africa Dream Safaris this past August 2018 was a very easy one because we had traveled with them in March of 2017, during the Green Season. My husband was keen to photograph the Great Migration in the North Serengeti, on the Mara River. Our guide, Pokea, told him , ‘Then you have to come back at the end of August!’ So we did!

We requested Pokea as our guide for our second trip because he is so outstanding in his abilities to know where the animals are, and where the light is best for photography. In addition, he is an amazing bird guide and my husband is an avid birder!

This past trip was just as wonderful as the first! From our arrival at JRO where we once again breezed through the visa process with Mathias, to our flight into the Serengeti where Pokea was waiting and smiling from ear to ear when we landed!

The camps we stayed in were beautiful, the food delicious, and I cannot say enough good things about the staff in those camps! Their smiling faces, welcoming words, and their desire to do anything at all to make our stay memorable! Hot water bottles for the beds every night! Sweet!

Both of our trips were coordinated by Dawn Anderson and she is priceless! We saw many safari trucks loaded with people unable to turn left or right, and all looking bored or overheated in open trucks with no protection from dust or sun! Not so with Africa Dream! Only way to go!

Each day in Africa gives you something different to absorb. The smells of heat, dust, and the fires set purposely to bring new life to the grassy plains. The sounds of the tinkling bells from the cattle as the Maasai bring them to graze. The grunts and inquiring stares of the wildebeests as you pass them in the fields, and let us not forget the roar of a lion or leopard in the night when heard from the mysterious safety of our tent!

Africa is a place that will call you to return again and again! And when you do, be sure that Africa Dream Safaris is part of it!

Carol W. and Wijbren H.
Pitman, New Jersey
Safari Dates: August 20, 2018 to August 29, 2018

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  1. Our friends have been to Africa about four times. All of us went to South Africa together years ago and loved Krugar National Park, the animals, our six-star tents and the self flying safari part. Their issue with the Serengeti this summer is that, though our friends had perfect timing with the start to the Great Migration, they were deeply saddened in seeing up close just how terrible nature is, particularly with regard to the crocodiles grabbing the animals, while others ended up trampled, only to come out of the water with broken legs and life ending injuries. They do not recommend the Serengeti due to seeing so much suffering. What is your opinion? What else would you recommend for a 2nd visit to Africa for people like us and what do you think is the ideal timing for a trip, costs too?

    1. My wife, daughter, and I went with ADS to the Serengeti in August of 2017. We can’t wait to go again. While your friends describe nature as terrible because of the tragedies that happen during the Great Migration, I would describe nature as unforgiving, yet awe-inspiring. During your trip you will probably see a few animals hurt and killed for food, this is but a small part of your overall trip. The vast majority of your trip will be to see the animals in their natural habitat–playing, resting, positioning, migrating, and being themselves. It is humbling to realize just how balanced nature is and just how small humans are in this great world in Africa. I’d highly recommend ADS and this trip. Your well trained guide can show you what you want. On our trip, we saw almost 60 different species of animals and our guide (Ally) was able to explain every one, its habitat, and most importantly, why the animal was doing what it was doing. If you want to avoid the Great Migration, then might I suggest going in March, where you’ll see the other part of the circle of life–babies! ADS can better explain the costs. When we went it was about $8000 per person not including airfare. But there are other packages available. I hope this helps.

    2. I too don’t enjoy watching animals being attacked, killed and eaten, but I also have a cat that loves it. Homo sapiens have maneuvered their existence for 50,000 years. We have only been away from the jaws of wild animals for several hundred years. The amazing experience about visits to Africa is the contemplation and realization of our homo sapiens heritage and how we made it this far.

  2. Your pictures are amazing ! I am planning my first trip to Africa next year and really struggling with when to go. Since you have been during both seasons do you recommend one versus the other if you only go once ? Thanks ! Angela

    1. I think you would love the “green season” early March, because you can see lots of baby animals born at that time. We actually photographed the birth of a wildebeest! You will also see the cheetahs hunting so that can possibly be disturbing but it is “the circle of life”. Go to central Serengeti and to Ngorogoro Crater! Lake Manyara is great for beautiful birds and blue monkeys! You could call Dawn Anderson, who helped to arrange both our trips and she can take care of all the details! Please go! You will not be sorry!

  3. I think you will see the circle of life, the balance of nature when you just let it be. Yes, there will be hunting for food on all levels from birds eating bugs to lions eating zebras. But, that is only a small portion of the massive beautiful picture. You will also be touched by elephants greeting each other, mixed herds of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes traveling together, huge flocks of birds crossing the skies, families of animals playing and nuzzling together and the beauty of this wild country. Don’t let one aspect of the whole picture spoil what would a fantastic total experience.

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