Stop Dreaming, Start Planning, and just GO!

This Africa Dream Safari was a ‘top of the bucket list’ adventure for my daughter and me, as we both celebrate milestone birthdays this year. With the help of Dawn’s expert planning, our dream trip was amazing!

I can’t say enough good things about our safari guide, Wilfred. He was knowledgeable (about EVERYTHING!) engaging, personable, and he made sure we saw every animal possible. He truly made each day of our safari personalized and enjoyable.

From the woodlands of the Western corridor to the Central plains and down to the Ngorongoro Crater, every region of the Serengeti brought once-in-a-lifetime sights to treasure, thanks to Wilfred’s exceptional knowledge and experience. He even saved the day for one unfortunate group whose jeep got stuck on a rock during a water crossing at Lake Manyara by using his winch to pull them to dry land. Our hero!

Each of our 5 lodges was unique and perfect. We loved hearing lions roaring in the distance as we drifted off to sleep! The food was delicious, and the Tanzanian people were warm and welcoming. We were even surprised with a sunset cocktail party birthday celebration from the Mbuzi Mawe lodge staff, and were gifted with a traditional Maasai beaded necklace.

And the animals! Lions, elephants, cheetahs, baboons, velvet monkeys, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, buffalo, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, jackals, and even a leopard graced us with their beautiful presence. Seeing the great migration across the Serengeti was incredible – the herds of animals went as far as our eyes could see. All the colorful birds and lovely varieties of antelopes were beautiful to watch, and coming across of field filled with over 20 gorgeous giraffes one evening just before sunset was a true highlight.

Some favorite moments included watching a male lion and his lioness lounging by the roadside, while their 4 sweet cubs suddenly popped up from the tall grass to join in the family nap time. Witnessing the quiet beauty and grace of an elephant herd as they emerged from the hills to eat and drink from the stream at Lake Manyara was breathtaking – a scene we’ll never forget.

They were so close to our jeep that we could have touched them. We were even able to hear their stomach rumbling communications as they walked by. We were touched and amazed by the incredibly tender parenting moments we witnessed from all the species of animals.

The action packed moments were unforgettable! We were lucky enough and thrilled to watch a very tense hour-long standoff between a lioness and her male cub, and a pack of hyenas that eventually closed in to claim the remains of the lions’ kill. Wow! And the next day we witnessed two cheetah brothers capture a gazelle for lunch – incredible! And we know that not everyone gets to see the rhinos in the crater, but we watched a mama and her baby running across the plains!

Ending our safari with a relaxing, peaceful day and a massage at Gibb’s Farm was perfect. The lush coffee plantation and beautiful waterfall were fun to explore, and our dinner by the outdoor fire pit was so special. Night time star gazing in Africa is almost indescribable in its vast brilliance and beauty!

If you’re considering a safari – stop dreaming, start planning, and just GO! Africa Dream Safaris will make sure every detail is perfectly created just for you. THANK YOU to everyone at ADS for making our dream trip come true!

Karin and Kim M.
Bedford, Texas
June 4, 2018 to June 12, 2018


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