What is a Typical Day Like on Safari?

A question I get quite often is what is a typical day like on safari while in Tanzania?  Some different variations of the question are “how many game drives are there” or “how long do we spend on game drive each day”?  But the answer depends entirely on you! Such is the inherent benefit of enjoying a “Private” Safari!

So as you can imagine, the days can and probably will vary quite a bit!  We have suggestions for you each day based on our experience and the seasonal wildlife patterns, as indicated in your printed safari itinerary, but flexibility is our middle name!  The safari is your trip!  So it’s all about you, and how you want to spend your time. So if you want to be out on safari all day, that’s fine! You are absolutely welcome to, we do offer this to you as an option since Africa Dream Safaris does not limit your mileage or how much time you’d like to be on safari.

Because of the comfortable climate in Northern Tanzania, many animals remain active all day, so if you stay out on safari you can see a lot!  But on some days you may prefer to take it easy, do a game drive in the morning and come back to the lodge in the afternoon – that’s also fine!  Early morning is typically the highest impact time to be out on safari, especially in regards to seeing the apex predators like the big cats in their most active state, and evenings can also be quite special.

Photographers especially will want to maximize opportunities to capture their subjects in the magical light of sunrise and sunset.  All guests come back to the lodge for dinner. Sit around the campfire under the stars and listen for lions roaring.

Meals are the only thing that require a little thought ahead of time (by ahead of time, I mean like the night before.)

If you want to enjoy an early hot breakfast at the lodge, they can usually be arranged around 7am or even earlier at some if requested ahead of time. Or you can go out for an early morning game drive at say 6am, and then come back to the lodge for a hot breakfast mid morning maybe around 9am.

Similar situation with lunch… if you want to come back to the lodge for a hot lunch you have the option to do it on most days. Your guide will have suggestions for you of course, but the final decision is always yours. For example if the migration is thundering right through your camp, you might feel there is no need to leave the immediate area, which facilitates eating a hot lunch at the lodge.

But if your guide knows about a den of tiny baby lion cubs that is a very special sighting but you have to drive for long distance to get to their den, you will probably want to bring a picnic lunch to avoid having to turn around mid-way in your day and drive all the way back to the lodge.

The options are endless, and you’ll probably end up practicing many different scenarios at some point in the safari. Just sit down with your guide the night before to plan your day and your meals, he’ll have suggestions for you but remember the final decision is yours!

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