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I Had Always Wanted To See The Great Migration

Our safari began, as so many others have described, with arrival at Kilimanjaro airport and a swift and easy passage through customs and arrival at Mount Meru Resort in Arusha. The following day we were treated to a tour of Arusha with an informative, detailed running commentary by Mathias and Joseph about the city, its people, and industries. We also toured the Cultural Heritage Center that holds a vast collection of paintings, carvings, and jewelry.

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A Private Safari Is The Only Way To Go.

This was the only trip where the experience exceeded our expectations. And we are pretty seasoned travelers. Russell was an exceptional guide. I called him the animal whisperer. He must have eyes in the back of his head! His sense of humor was greatly appreciated and his patience with novice African travelers was great.

I kept calling this magnificent cape buffalo (see photo above) a water buffalo, and he patiently corrected me every time. His sense of humor fit into our group like a glove. Also, his knowledge of the animals, birds, and plants was like having Wikipedia in our land cruiser. I must acknowledge his driving skills and familiarity of the area, which was vast! To be able to drive that distance on those roads without “GPS” was amazing. Having just one guide was the key to our wonderful experience.

ADS does an excellent job at delivering a “trip of a lifetime”! This had been on my bucket list for a time and when by brother Eric also wanted to experience Africa at its best-we jumped at the opportunity to see this magnificent piece of the planet.

A private safari is the only way to go! We would do this again in a heartbeat with the very same people!

Mary and Roger S.
Yreka, California
Safari Dates: September 10, 2016 to September 18, 2016

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Being The Only Humans To Witness A Lion Kill Was Remarkable

The last animal we saw on Wednesday evening was a lone buffalo. Arnold, our guide, commented that was odd, as they are usually in a group. We woke early and noticed some buffalo tracks outside our tent. Heading out at sunrise we passed by two huge hippos staring at each other and we wondered how that confrontation was going to play out. The sun was rising and we headed onward into the Serengeti.

Arnold noticed some action to our left and he headed in that direction. There were about seven lions digging into a very large buffalo, the cubs almost disappearing into the stomach. We parked about 20 yards from the scene and watched the drama of the lionesses chowing down and keeping an old skinny male from even a bite.

We looked into the sky to see my nephew and friend flying overhead in a balloon. After many photographs and about an hour of viewing we went on to continue the game Drive that included seeing wildebeests and Zebras crossing the Mara River, elephant families roaming and a lone giraffe trying to reunite with her family across a stream.

At midday we headed back to camp and passed by the lion kill from the morning. There were different lions from the same pride going after the meat, still keeping the old guy away.

After lunch we headed back out to find a lone young lion guarding the kill from the circling hyenas and jackals and vultures waiting their turn.

At dusk we saw a few lions stripping the ribs of meat and cracking bones. The old lion finally had his turn.

The next morning we headed out to go to the next camp and passed by the kill scene; all that was left were the horns, a piece of skull and a few vertebrae. We regretted not watching the actual kill which we figure happened about 4am before we came upon it, and the cleanup by the hyenas, jackals and birds.

What an amazing experience to witness and realize that this happens every day on this planet. Being the only humans to witness this as well as being so close to the action was unbelievable.

I’m attaching some photos of our experience from start to finish.

Jill U.
Carbondale, Colorado
Safari Dates: October 23, 2016 to November 1, 2016

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The Private ADS Experience Cannot Be Substituted

Our trip with Africa Dream Safaris was truly a once in a lifetime experience that exceed all of our expectations. Having been recommended by friends, we had heard great things about ADS, but were not aware of just how great of a decision we had made. The private experience of ADS is one that cannot be substituted by a group safari, or any other company.

From the get-go, ADS made sure the trip was tailored to our liking, from the number of days to the exact locations we would visit. Throughout the trip, our guide would modify the number of hours we spent out every day, and would search for things we preferred to see. This is something that you would not be able to receive with other companies that give safaris in a group fashion.

Furthermore, our guide, Willy, and every staff member we encountered throughout our journey was extremely friendly and welcoming. Willy would answer our many questions, whether regarding the migration patterns of wildebeests or the typical size of a group of elephants. Willy was not just a passive guide, but rather was as excited as we were to encounter a lion hunting a warthog, and would wait for hours as we watched a giraffe give birth. He was invested in finding as many animals and rare sightings as possible, and worked extremely hard to make sure we had the best experience possible.

ADS ensured that every penny of our trip was worthwhile, and if we were to do it again, we would choose ADS one hundred times over!”

Thanks again for an amazing experience. We look forward to sharing our stories with friends and family and recommending ADS to any friends interested in a safari experience.

Sheridan B.
San Jose, California
Safari Dates: August 16, 2016 to August 23, 2016

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