Help Track Cheetahs And Wild Dogs In The Serengeti

The Range Wide Conservation Program for Cheetah and African Wild Dogs have their base in TAWIRI, in Njiro, Arusha. They really need your help to use a phone app to track cheetah and African wild dog distribution by sending in sightings. This will feed directly into targeting conservation efforts, and enable them to author the IUCN Red List assessment of conservation status for cheetah. We hope this will also add some extra interest in your field observations.

We would be really grateful if you could use the easy smartphone app (search for iNaturalist in Google Play Store or the App Store) to send photographed sightings direct to the project page. You can also see the project and the map online here:

P.S. When the app is downloaded you need to just once join our specific project by tapping on ‘Projects’ and search ‘cheetah and wild dog spotting’ and join. Each sighting can then be easily added to that project by tapping ‘Add to project(s)’.

Kipuyo Gerson (flora)
Project Secretary
Tanzania Wildlife Research Insitute (TAWIRI)
Tanzania Carnivore Monitoring Projet

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