Amazing Serengeti Photo Safari

We wanted to add our input to the testimonials you have about African Dream Safaris. We had a great advantage to be traveling with our friends Tim and Donna, who traveled with ADS on two previous safaris.

First, we should say the ADS tour handbook and packing guidelines were most accurate. We took almost nothing that should have been left behind. I did take extra socks to be used as bean bags and they came in very handy to anchor cameras on the seat…it really is bumpy on all the roads.

We very much appreciated the commitment from our guides to keep the vehicles clean and ready every day. We saw many other companies with dust covered vehicles. A super caution about the DUST: with the top rolled back and the windows open it is dusty. We kept the cameras under cloths except when “on the ready” for a quick shot. In spite of that caution one camera has been sent back to the factory for cleaning. And one lens will have to be replaced because of dust.

ALL of the selected tented camps including Seronera Sametu Camp and Lake Masek Tented Lodge were more than we expected for comfort and amenities. We took 3 English adapters and an outlet strip which was adequate for charging camera batteries. Without exception the staffs of all the camps, and hotels could not have been better. The night time escort service was totally over the top, but the danger from a stray animal is understood.

David Chando, our driver-guide, was most attentive to making sure we were comfortable in the truck, we even had extra seat cushions to help with the bumpy ride. He certainly was an excellent driver and animal expert. He shared his knowledge and was also accurate in predicting animal behavior. On many occasions when we became frustrated waiting for a Cheetah or Leopard to do something, he knew better and advised us to wait a bit longer. The result was we did get some great shots.

We do think it would be remiss on our part not to emphasize that a 600mm telephoto lens was a real blessing to have. Rhino are shy, Leopards like to hang out in trees about 150 or more yards away. And the guides have to keep their distance from the Cheetah who is planning to chase a gazelle. I took a new Tamron 150-600mm and loved it.

Rather than send photos we are providing a link to some of our favorite shots which anyone can see at their leisure.

Please see this link here to access my photo gallery of wildlife photos:

Lastly, here is link to a separate photo gallery about the safari including lodge, vehicle and people photos:

Thanks for the Memories!

Judi and Harry P.
Pensacola Beach, Florida
February 22, 2016 to March 3, 2016

  1. Great description and love your photos. How nice to have good friends to share Tanzania with you.

  2. I am taking my family with ADS in March 2017. Your photos are amazing. I am hoping to get some nice photos also, strictly non professional. If there is something I miss I will be going to your website to fill in anything I missed or was not satisfied with.
    I am planning on taking a clamp to attach my Nikon D500 with a 80-400mm. Do I need to consider taking a tripod? I also have the same Tamaron you mentioned, so now I am rethinking what to bring.