Our Incredible Serengeti Adventure!

Our safari from March 9 through March 17 was absolutely fantastic! The entire experience was seamlessly planned and unobtrusively managed by you and your Africa Dream Safaris team. The attention to detail showed in every aspect of the experience, including the many extras ADS showered upon us. Your staff demonstrated the highest level of professional competence as well as being friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. They couldn’t do enough to make us feel comfortable, pampered and secure.

Special kudos are in order for our wonderful guide, Anglebert. His incredible tracking skills, indefatigable energy, patience, flexibility, focus and photographic expertise resulted in sightings and photos of which we could only dream. We not only had a glimpse of the elusive leopard, we observed the social interaction of a pack of rare wild dogs, followed a cheetah on the hunt, and found ourselves alone in the midst of the wildebeest migration, and witnessed innumerable animal and bird behaviors.

Anglebert managed to avoid other touring vehicles, thereby giving us the privilege of experiencing the Serengeti, and even the notoriously crowded Ngorongoro Crater, in a very personal and private way. His passion and respect for the environment, his knowledge of the natural world we encountered, as well as the culture, history and current events greatly enhanced our experience. We met Anglebert as our guide; we left him as our friend.

Thanks, Mike and ADS, for helping to create memories which will last a lifetime and will recommend ADS to any friends who wish to experience a safari which is unique and highly personalized.

Best wishes for continued success,

Faith and Jonathan C.
Tarzana, California
Safari Dates: March 9, 2016 to March 17, 2016

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  1. Faith and Jonathan,

    Your pictures are so beautiful! What a wonderful experience you must have had to see so many different kinds of animals.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Faith & Jonathan,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures and report. We are in the process of planning our safari with ADS for Sept.2017. Reading your adventure makes our anticipation even greater!
    Thank you.
    Ed & Pat

    1. You’re most welcome. Glad you enjoyed them. We know you will have a fantastic experience and that yours, like ours, will be unique and personal. One suggestion we didn’t include in the blog which we would highly recommend if you have the time and interest is the Olduvai Gorge private docent-led tour Mike set up for us. We were able to visit the sites of the first and oldest homonids discoveries, the small, but informative museum, and the Leakey camp which is still in use. A fascinating morning on the way to the Ngorongoro Crater from Lake Masek. Have a great safari!

  3. I wasn’t sure that I could be more homesick. Your pictures are the closest I could be to explaining this place, what we have seen. I would ask the favor of photography tips, and equipment? Just beautiful.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the safari photos. Biggest tip: get a good guide who can find the animals, then set up the vehicle for the best angle and light. I used a Canon 7D MarkII with a lens rented from LensProToGo recommended by Mike. It was 100-400 Canon IS II Telefoto. Mostly set on shallow depth of field and 1 point focus for closeups. Also used a Tamron 16-300 telefoto for landscapes. Jon used compact Sony DSLR for HDR, landscapes, panoramas and closeups. Hope this helps and you have the opportunity to return to this magical place.

  4. Faith and Jon have reached professional levels of photography.
    Sincere thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you guys and hearing about your experience, in person.

  5. Faith and Jon, It was a great pleasure guiding you. Looking at the pictures you share to the ADS family make it so special and you have definitely reached to the professional level of wildlife photography and you have passion for that. Thank you so much for your cooperations throughout the trip, and for your readiness to always start the day early. The pictures are great. Stay blessed

    1. Hi Anglebert,

      So nice to hear from you. Wow! Thank you. What a compliment, especially coming from someone who has led professional photographic wildlife safaris. It is we who should thank you for pushing, guiding and advising us so that we were able to fully experience what incredible places the Serengeti and NCA are. As we discussed, we hope to return someday with grandchildren and children in tow. What is your and ADS’ availability in approximately 2020? Best wishes for health, happiness, harmony and peace. Faith and Jon

  6. Dear Faith and Jon,

    Thank you for posting the most beautiful pictures! So excited for our upcoming safari with African Safari Dreams coming up in August. Maybe we will be lucky enough to have Englebert as our guide too.
    Thank you, Colleen

  7. Faith & Jonathan,

    Fantastic pictures! I hope we’re half as good, taking ours next month. Thank you for sharing your experience. Our safari is coming up in just 27 days and we’re practically bouncing off the walls with excitement.

  8. Hi: We will start our Safari on May 18. I can hardly wait. We know our trip will be amazing.
    Thanks for the photo tips. Your pictures are awsome! Hoping to get some good ones myself. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. Thank you. I am sure you will get some fantastic photos. Just be sure to move your eye away from the camera to enjoy the sights!

  10. What a GREAT experience you had, Faith! Fantastic write up and incredible pictures! You commented on my report a few days ago, so you know that I have been to Tanzania a few times myself. I also had Anglebert as a driver a few years ago – he was simply amazing! 🙂

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