Serengeti – The Wild Treasure!

After enjoying a great lunch in the bushes of the Northern Serengeti, we got into the Safari Land Cruiser for our next excursion. We reached our target location, and spent time enjoying the beautiful landscape all around us. The rolling hills, stark plateaus, the umbrella trees served as the serene backdrop to what was going to happen next. GET DOWN, WE ARE MOVING! Malaki, our African Dream Safari guide, yelled to us as he shifted into gear and sped towards the river. Dozens of other Jeeps sped with us as we darted around small trees and dodged other jeeps to reach the banks of the River Mara. Here we were able to witness one of the most breathtaking spectacles of our journey through Africa…

All of the adventures we experienced came to fruition thanks to the Team from African Dream Safaris. I had spent almost a year researching and contacting multiple Luxury Safari Operators which finally led me to call Dawn Anderson. In the first moments while talking to Dawn, I knew I was talking to the right person. Dawn’s knowledge about the Serengeti could easily fill an encyclopedia, and she anticipates every need. The main reason Dawn stands above the rest is her ability to tailor to our groups’ needs in the truest sense. Her work helped to create the experience of a lifetime.

The locations we stayed at all were of exceptional quality and the staff gave us great service. Bushtop camp was beyond our expectation – with their manager Mr. Pantaleo, who is the best manager I have ever seen. He is very hospitable, helpful, full of knowledge, accommodating and above all, always there. The Migration camp was also a wonderful stay. Four season is definitely a great facility with panoramic views of the valley. Their buffet choices were great with selections including: African, Indian and Western. The Crater lodge had the best views of the crater. Their guest person, Mr. Ladslaus, went above and beyond to keep us comfortable.

ADS offers great excursion choices, and the guides they provide are the best in the business. Our guide Mr. Malaki had special eye for spotting animals, and he had extensive wealth of knowledge about animal behavior. He explained things as a professor delivering lecture in a classroom, he was exceptional. His driving skills, and timing allowed us to witness so many animals in their natural habitat. Mr. Malaki also took great care to explain the different cultures of Africa. He took us to visit a Masaai Village near the Ngrongoro Crater, and he even coordinated a trip to a Sikh Temple in Arusha.

We saw so many lions and got to experience multiple different behaviors as they roamed their lands. The most memorable was when we saw a lioness keeping a watchful eye on her three cubs as they played around her.Thanks to Mr. Malaki we spotted three leopards. Leopards are very hard to see because they are very shy from the sounds of jeeps and us humans. Mr. Malaki spotted one above us on a rock and we had a great picture opportunity. We saw many Hippos in Retina Pond, and one of them opened its mouth fully and showed us the largest mouth span of any carnivore on the planet.

Luckily on the 6th day of safari we were able to see 2 rhino’s – The tanks of Serengeti. We saw them at Ngrongoro Crater in their glory among many other animals. Elephants are a staple on the Serengeti and they showed us true happiness. They moved in families and played in the mud and ponds, swinging their trunks all over the place. Their size also showed us their strength and power, as they left a path of destruction while they ate branches and uprooted trees during their travels.

Coming back full circle to the earlier story we were able to see the Migration of Wildebeest – the largest number of animals on the Serengeti. They have an amazing cycle of life that begins with the baby learning how to walk and run within minutes of being born. And their death that keeps the hunters of the Serengeti with full bellies. Their stampede and river crossing causes the earth to shake as huge dust clouds spill over the landscape. The Wildebeest move as one unit across a crocodile filled river; those who choose the right path around the stones survive, others are food for the beasts of the river and the vulture who fly overhead. Click here to see my Wildebeest Migration Video.

To ADS, our guides, all the staff involved, and especially Mr. Malaki and Dawn Anderson – we would like to say THANK YOU for working tirelessly to give us the experience of a lifetime.

Digvijay and Parminder S.
Canfield, Ohio
Safari Dates: July 24, 2014 to August 1, 2014

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  1. Surely it’s a dream safari….what amazing photo graphy.I am sure if these breathtaking pictures are sent to National Geographic they would become a treasure trove for everyone to relish.

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