By Emmanuel and Ellson – Maasai Wedding Ceremony

Greetings from Tanzania. My name is Emmanuel and I am a driver-guide with ADS. We just came back from this trip with a family of 14 including several children, which we started in the Serengeti National Park on June 25th and ended in the Ngorongoro Crater on July 2nd. There were three of us driver-guides on this safari including myself (Emmanuel) and also my colleagues Rafael and Ellson.

We had a wonderful time with this family from Iowa, USA and we got the chance to see the wildebeest migration which was heading towards Nyamalumbwa Hills together with some amazing cheetah and lion sightings.

One of the highlights of the safari was being invited to a Maasai wedding ceremony, which was located at a village just outside of the Northern Serengeti very close to the camp we were staying at called Buffalo Luxury Lodge.

We have included some pictures here of the Maasai warriors slaughtering a big cow for the wedding ceremony and the arrival of the bride and groom. The wedding ceremony concluded with dancing, eating and plenty of local drinks. My guests had a chance to meet the bride and groom as they arrived from the brides village and the best man is also pictured explaining to the guests how the whole wedding ritual is performed.

Below are a couple wildlife pictures we took while on safari. The picture of the cheetah resting on the termite mound (shown immediately below) is one of my favorites for the year. Also, the large male lion pictured next to the ADS vehicle and guests demonstrates just how closely you can get to some of the animals.

Best wishes from your guides Emmanuel, Rafael and Ellson. We hope to see you in the bush out on safari soon!

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