This Was An Adventure I’ll Never Forget

Well, no words I can come up with can describe how amazing my whole safari experience was! It was definitely one of the most remarkable experiences of my life, every day was a new adventure, full of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen. Although it was nice to sleep in my own bed last night, I definitely missed the sounds of Serengeti streaming through my tent, lulling me to sleep each night. As well, the people we interacted with in various capacities were the most helpful, welcoming, patient, and most gracious and accommodating I’ve ever met. From our guide, Francis, to all the people at the various lodges, to our Masai hosts, everybody was amazing! This was an adventure I’ll never forget, and hope to experience again someday. Thanks for putting it together for us!

Thanks (Asante Sana) Dawn. This was the trip of a lifetime!
Todd M.
Keystone, Colorado
June 12, 2013 to June 19, 2013

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