Not a Bus Tour

Traveling is important to Chuck and me. We have been on many trips for business/pleasure, taken tours and have been on our own mostly overseas. Last year we took a bus tour to Budapest, Krakow and Berlin. All was great – the tour director, the interesting places and our fellow travelers. However, my desire to travel to Africa was very personal. I didn’t want to only visit there, I wanted to experience an adventure. And, I didn’t want to be subjected to others’ interpretation.

I wanted up close and personal and to share it with Chuck whose values are the same as mine. It would be our life-changing getaway because the beauty of Africa demands your full attention. We determined that Tanzania – the Serengeti – was our place of choice because it is pristine and has the plentiful wildlife that we wanted to see. The last several years I have been investigating the many tours available and weighing the pros and cons.

After reading about Africa Dream Safaris, it appeared to be what we were looking for. I had an immediate reply to my inquiry from Sharon Lyon. From that time on, Sharon guided and prepared us for our journey. By the time we left the U.S., we were confident that the careful preparations would ensure us a safe and satisfying trip. The trip far exceeded our expectations. It was thrilling.

Our guide Omari was extremely knowledgeable about all areas of travel and about the animals, their location and behavior. Omari was available to us the beginning of the day whether we were later than the suggested hour or earlier. And, each day he was in no hurry to end the game drive. We learned so much from him and saw unforgettable sights.

Our beautiful pictures reflect the pleasure of seeing Africa for the first time and a wonderful memory. Unlike last year, the pictures are not dictated by, nor do they depend on which side of the bus you are travelling. Our guide maneuvered the vehicle so that we had the best views. He was patient and a most pleasant travel mate. Thanks to the professional and caring staff at ADS, we had the best time of our lives.

Chuck Chandek and Janey Madding
Cornelius, North Carolina
April 2012

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  1. The primary consideration you must absorb before you go tramping around Africa is very simply this: when you set foot on the Dark Continent you are reduced to a lump of protein.

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