Our Incredible 12-day Safari Adventure

We’ve been back just over a week from our incredible 12-day safari adventure and would return in a heartbeat! The trip was more than we imagined – from the awe-inspiring scenery, numbers of animals/birds/trees, lovely lodgings, tasty food, friendliness of Tanzanians, and professional care by all ADS staff.

We loved our Land Cruiser and spent 90% of the time standing to get the 360° view. Our game drives generally ran from dawn to dusk but the days never dragged as there was so much to see. Having the Serengeti to ourselves early in the morning was especially magical with the quiet and the changing light. You heard very little noise as animals glided, strolled, crept or snoozed – silently going about their business.

Our guide was the sharpest of all in spotting animals and anticipating the best place to park. While other vehicles jockeyed for position to follow the leopard with her cub, he moved further down the road where we could clearly watch her stash the baby. We never would have seen the elusive cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, and pythons without his eagle eye, and he never tired of answering our questions.

It was so refreshing to be greeted by a hot towel and cool drink as we arrived at each lodging. And we learned to look forward to the hot water bottle at night! Dinners were always flavorful and a nice chance to chat with others and share highlights. Somehow we found the room to enjoy more food after our plentiful breakfast and lunch boxes.

We’ll remember our trip as a collage of wonderful one-of-a-kind experiences: sounds of hyenas just outside our tent, a special birthday celebration, the giraffe gathering, antics of elephants and zebras swimming, lions and other cats relaxing in trees, the unusual tones of the singers at the Maasai village, our first male lion on the night safari, rambunctious hippos, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, zebras rolling on their backs, males locking horns and much more…..

Thanks for much for an unforgettable time,

Martha Laing & Douglas Barnes
Richmond, Vermont
October 2011

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