Quote of the Week: Bobby and Tricia Mohon

First of all, without any knowledge of how to choose a Safari company, we made the right choice by choosing Africa Dream Safaris. They went out of their way to make sure our trip was the experience of a lifetime. They even helped us celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary by providing us with gifts, champagne and serenading us with song. It was so special.

I can’t say enough about our guide. He was wonderful, and always professional. After returning from a long day of game viewing, we would share stories of what we had seen with other hotel guests. They were usually jealous because our guide had taken us to see things that they had not seen. We experienced a cheetah on the hood of our car, male lions eating a fresh zebra carcass, a mother lion and her cubs, baby elephants, and so much more. We actually got to see black rhinos mating! I can’t imagine seeing any more wildlife than we did. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the different types of wildlife, and there was no time that we did not feel safe in his care – even when getting within 10-15 feet of some animals!

The hotel accommodations were wonderful. I especially loved the tented lodges. They had all the modern amenities, but with the feeling of being outdoors in a tent. One night we heard elephants and lions outside. It was amazing! We actually picked the perfect time of the year to travel on safari, early April. I was a little concerned because it was supposed to be the rainy season, but the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We had rain one day for about an hour (it even hailed!) but that was all. We didn’t experience the crowds that we heard about at other times. We were alone on most of our excursions, which made the wildlife viewing more enjoyable.

Bobby made all the arrangements with our safari consultant beforehand. She helped him with planning every step of the way. I was also impressed by our follow-up interview. Africa Dream Safaris is very concerned that everyone has the best experience possible. Thank you for helping us with our trip of a lifetime!

Bobby and Tricia Mohon
Magnolia, Texas

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