Quote of the Week: Dottie Shively and Bill Rothschild; Pam and Bob Pierce

As soon as our small plane approached the dirt runway in the Northern Serengeti and the Zebra and Wildebeest ran under our plane, we knew that we were embarking on an adventure of a lifetime! There, our ADS driver-guide and soon to be friend met us. Our guide amazed us as every day he took us to the best spots and maneuvered us into the best viewing situation. We soon valued his knowledge as he increased our enjoyment and insights into animal behavior. Each day added new animals: giraffes, elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, wart hogs, baboons and many more. The birds were also amazing from the ostrich to the crown crane. Watching the migration of the Wildebeest leap into the water to cross to new food sources was truly astounding.

The four of us so enjoyed our private safari. Each evening, we would discuss our day and favorite memories bringing back all events of the day. We will always remember our two evenings in the Presidential Suite with our very own dinner catered to our “private dining room”. And our stay at the opulent Crater Lodge with zebras eating in “our front yard” while we sipped our wine on our balcony was truly incredible.

We laud our pre trip preparation, missing no detail. ADS surpassed our expectations.

Dottie Shively and Bill Rothschild; Pam and Bob Pierce
October 2010

A crowned crane hunting for insects.


A leopard polishing off his lunch high in the boughs of an acacia tree.


A hyena “finding” a zebra that seems to have died of natural causes; he won’t have to work too hard for this meal!

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