Quote of the Week: Vivek and Deb Kansal

The trip is something Deb and I will remember for the rest of our lives. The experience of being in the middle of the Serengeti with no one else around but the animals is hard to describe.

My main request coming into the trip was to try to stay away from other vehicles (my concern was a zoo type feeling). Our guide did an excellent job of keeping us isolated from the rest. Most of our days in the Serengeti were spent completely alone with no other vehicles around. We were able to watch animals in peace without feeling like we were infringing on their land. He was also completely flexible, allowing us to stay with animals for as long as we liked as we came across them. We spent an hour with a lioness as she hunted two warthogs. Unfortunately at the very end she decided it wasn’t worth the effort and gave up. We spent about 90 minutes following a cheetah as it stalked a Thomson Gazelle and finally went in for a successful kill. The experience of staying with the animals for as long as we did while they hunted was incredible. We truly felt like we were a part of the hunt.

The lodges were very nice, with over the top service (Deb and I are actually not accustomed to the level of service provided and at times felt uncomfortable). The food was pretty good. The best accommodations we experienced BY FAR was the private classic camping. The ADS camp crew was very polite and friendly. They were very accommodating and adjusted when we mentioned we would prefer “less” service. The food, in our opinion, was much better than the other lodges. The picnic breakfast and lunches from the ADS crew were significantly better than the lodges. The camping experience was unbelievable.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with the ADS crew and level of service. We would definitely recommend ADS to any friends. We would also definitely recommend the private camping. I am not sure what we would say about the other lodges though, but in reality this was a small aspect of the trip and I am sure others enjoy the parts that made Deb and I uncomfortable.

I could type alot more but I think this email is already long enough. We had a blast and will never forgot it.

Vivek and Deb Kansal
October 2010

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