Third Time The Charm!

Having just completed our third trip to Africa over the last 10+ years, we can say without a doubt, ADS does it the best! From the minute we stepped off the plane in Tanzania, we knew we had made the right choice! Faith was there waiting for us and whisked us through the visa process. We went to the head of the line and were out of the airport in no time and on our way to the hotel in Arusha.

We enjoyed an extra day in Arusha to catch up on our rest. We felt great on Monday morning, March 17th and were ready to get started on our safari. We flew to the Central Serengeti where we were met by Thompson. We would spend the next 11 days with him in search of the Big Five and every other animal known to the areas visited.

Thompson’s very first find was a Leopard up in a tree. What a way to start as we are HUGE cat lovers! Over the course of the next 11 days, we saw numerous Leopards, Cheetahs and Lions a plenty! I even spotted an unusual cat in the Ngorongoro Crater that Thompson got very excited about as well – a Caracal! We also were lucky enough to see a Serval in action in the Central Serengeti. On our second to last night in the Tarangire National Park, we had a visitor at dinner – a Genet. So many unusual finds.

The last of the Big Five was of course the Black Rhino and we saw 3 of them over a 2-day period in the Crater. Thompson had a knack for finding just about everything we wanted to see. Way to go Thompson – great job!

I also must say, that Sharon Lyon did an awesome job for us as well! She was very quick to respond to all our questions. Thank you Sharon.

If you are even considering a trip to Tanzania, don’t think twice. It is a trip of a lifetime and now is the time to do it. Changes are taking place rapidly in Africa and who knows what the future holds. Yes, there was dust and yes the roads are bumpy, but remember it is an adventure. There is talk about paving a highway right through the Serengeti. Shame on whoever got this idea into their head. If it happens, the entire area will suffer!

Go now and enjoy what Tanzania has to offer. You won’t be disappointed. Be sure you go with ADS as they are superior over all the other companies that we came upon while on safari.

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos.

Deborah and William D.
The Villages, Florida
Safari Dates: March 17, 2014 to March 27, 2014

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