First Time Safari Advice

African safari tours are arguably the most complicated travel arrangements one ever has to make in their lifetime. No wonder there are so many buzz words we often hear people state when talking about planning an african safari including bucket list trip or once in a life time experience. I remember when planning my first safari over 20 years ago and being completely overwhelmed by the endless choices, options and warnings. Just getting there (about 21 hours of flight time from my home town here in Los Angeles) is daunting enough. The good news is that times have changed. In the last couple years, the safari industry in both South Africa and East Africa has made great strides in perfecting what we call the art of safari (i.e. making the whole african safari trip experience as safe, convenient and easy as possible). The infrastructure, lodging and tourism industry in general has been greatly improved. This is especially true in Tanzania where the travel sector of the economy has had double digit growth since 2008. My advice is to do plenty of planning of course but you can rest assured that there has been no better time to conduct a trip to Africa. Happy Travels! – By Michael @ ADS

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