By Patrick Clement with Robert and Dawn

Good morning! This is ADS driver-guide Patrick Clement with my latest bush report. This time I had a couple from Indiana, USA named Robert and Dawn as my guests. It was a fantastic ten day safari. We began our safari on October 18, 2013 in the North Serengeti at the Mara River with 2 nights at the nearby Lemala Camp.  

We continued our safari in the Serengeti with 4 more nights split between Buffalo Camp in the Northeast Serengeti and the Four Seasons Bilila Lodge in the Central Serengeti. After departing the Serengeti, we explored the Ngoronongoro Crater area for 2 nights followed by our last 2 nights in Tarangire National Park at Kikoti Camp. Our safari concluded on October 28, 2013 when I dropped off the guests for their flight back home on KLM Airlines.

The wildebeest migration was very scattered over large areas as the weather is dry at the moment. The water level in the Mara river is low enough to enable easy crossings of the bridge, which allowed us to explore the beautiful Lamai Triangle. This area can be good for predators including lions and hyenas.

I hope you enjoy  few of my photo highlights from the safari:

A pack of hyenas at a watering hole finishing off the carcass of a wildebeest.

Here you can see a giraffe very close to the Mara River, trying to stretch his neck to reach the leaves at the top of the tree.

After crossing the river in the middle of nowhere, a male lion wandering on the grass plains of the northern side of the Mara River, North Serengeti.

A beautiful female lion joining the above male lion. My clients were so happy to see them together.

A big male hippo in the Mara River of the North Serengeti. He was opening his mouth, ready to attack another male to fight for the territory.

A black rhinoceros raising his head above the tall grass. Note the very sharp horn.

Mother and baby rhino, North Serengeti.

Two brother cheetahs at Lobo Valley in the North Serengeti enjoying the morning sun.

Here is a family of elephants drinking and wallowing in a swamp. This was taken on the eastern side of Seronera Valley in the Central Serengeti.

A large male leopard relaxing in an acacia tree. It was very early in the morning near Silale Swamp in Tarangire National Park.

Patrick Clement
ADS Driver-Guide

One Response to By Patrick Clement with Robert and Dawn

  1. Dawn Andrus says:

    Thank you again, Patrick! It was an amazing adventure we will never forget!!

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