By Raphael Mollel with Robert and Judy – September Bush Report.

This is driver-guide Raphael with ADS and I would like to wish the entire ADS family a warm greeting from Tanzania. Follows is my latest bush report for my recent safari concluding on September 1, 2013.

I had the pleasure of welcoming my two guests named Robert and Judy from Baltimore, Maryland to the Serengeti on August 25, 2013.  My guests landed into the North Serengeti via the Kogatende Airstrip (also known as the Mara River airstrip since it is located very close to the river and, in fact, a famous crossing point).

We immediately departed for our 1st game drive. We drove along the river and we saw three crossing on that first day! The second day we drove around Mawe ya Nature and we saw lionesses lying on those Kopjes (granite outcroppings). Around Lemala camp we saw a mother cheetah with her cubs and she was satiety. We saw also two crossing and one crocodile killed three wildebeests because the crossing was so massive. We enjoyed 2 nights in the Mara river area before departing for 2 more nights at Buffalo camp. On the way to Buffalo camp we came across a leopard which was not skirting at all and we had a good time there.

The Loliondo game controlled area around Buffalo camp was fabulous because we visited the Maasai village and it was gorgeous. They danced so nicely and we climbed the nearby mountain to look for a pack of critically endangered wild dogs that had been spotted in the area. Thankfully we successfully saw them.

After spending 4 nights in the North Serengeti split between Lemala Kuria/Mara camps and Buffalo camp, we departed for the Central Serengeti for 2 nights at Mbuzi Mawe. This would allow us ample time to explore the famous Seronera River Valley. In the Central Serengeti we saw a pride of lions numbering sixteen (16) individuals around Sametu Kopjes. The Ngorongoro Crater where we spent our last night was also amazing.  W saw a black rhino and several big male lions. We ended our safari in Lake Manyara National Park, which I think made a nice and peaceful conclusion to our adventure.

Please enjoy my photos below. The photos include:

011-Wildebeests crossing Mara river.
020/022-Captured picture when wildebeest jumping into the water.
026-I was holding a skull of a buffalo head.
035-Crossing of wildebeest.
057-A visible cheetah picture in a tree twig.
062-A crocodile getting a baby wildebeest.
065/067-Kogatende leopard cleaning himself.
072-Lion cubs drinking water.
076-A mother cheetah with her cub yawning.
084-Gong rock at Moru Kopjes.

Raphael Mollel,
ADS Guide.

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