Within Minutes We Were Watching The Wildebeest Cross The Mara River

Thank you for setting up this wonderful safari for our group. Starting with the Lemala Mara River remote camp and finishing with Swala was the right way to go. All the camps were special in their own way, and we enjoyed all the experiences from the “talking showers” to the gourmet meals. We have many memories to cherish.

Arnold was our outstanding guide/driver. He is so knowledgeable about all the animals, birds, vegetation and the area in general. He was so enthusiastic about everything we saw and that feeling rubbed off on all of us. It is wonderful to see someone so proud of his country and heritage.

Within minutes of picking us up at the airport, we were watching the wildebeest cross the Mara River. Arnold really seemed to know the animals and their habits and had us at the right time and the right place so often. He was always conscious of where he placed the vehicle for the best viewing angle and lighting for photography. And… his ability to spot animals was amazing. He never rushed us when we wanted “just one more picture”. He is truly an asset to your company.

Thank you for providing this wonderful experience and we will be sure to recommend your company to everyone we know.

Attached are 11 photos from our safari.

Susan and Don F.
September 6, 2013 to September 16, 2013
El Dorado, California

Africa01.jpg – Lion cub playing

Africa02.jpg – Spotted Hyena resting

Africa03.jpg – The Leopard that walked DIRECTLY in front of our Land Cruiser

Africa04.jpg – Lunch on the Savanna

Africa05.jpg – Maasai dance

Africa06.jpg – Hippo pool

Africa07.jpg – The male Lion we saw that tried to kill 2 males cubs from another pride

Africa08.jpg – Dwarf Mongoose

Africa09.jpg – Baboon with new baby

Africa10.jpg – Sunset behind a Baobab tree

One Response to Within Minutes We Were Watching The Wildebeest Cross The Mara River

  1. Marsha Herrick says:

    Loved the trip, The Tanzanian country, the animals… and Arnold. The photo ops were amazing. I too would definitely recommend ADS.

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