By Godson Mbonye – An Expedition In Tanzania.

This is ADS Driver-Guide Godson with another safari report. My two guests named David and Eric H. arrived at Kogatende airstrip in northern Serengeti at 16th of August 2013 where we enjoyed two nights and two days in the Mara River circuit. On this day the weather was a little bit cool and the clouds were seen in a pattered sky travelling through low speed winds heading. This is the time of the short rainy season, which brings back home all the wildebeest that traveled to the Maasai Mara for a short visit.

Our game viewing took us straight to the crossing site called number seven along the Mara river’s bank. We enjoyed the wildebeest migration crossing the Mara River heading southward. Here my clients were surprised for their first time to see the big herds of wildebeest crossing. We were lucky to see two separate crossings.

The second day we went hunting for the big cats at my client’s suggestion and we were found some unbelievable action. We observed male and female leopards mating on a big rock, which was out in the open and close to where we were parking our vehicle. This was an unusual sighting for the normally very secretive and elusive leopard. With much surprise David said Oooh Waoooo!!!!

Afterwards we decided to conduct a cultural tour in the Loliondo Controlled Area where we observed Maasai dancing, milking their cows, and also we we enjoyed a night game drive. This was on August 18th and 19th. On August 20th we departed to the Central Serengeti and Sametu Camp for 2 nights and believe it or not we witnessed another mating of cats not 5 meters from my vehicle. This time it involved lions, the king and queen of the jungle.

On August 22nd we departed the Central Serengeti and headed for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, for 2 nights at the Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge. Here were saw a big pride of lions with lots of lion cubs of about 2 weeks oldplaying with their mom. Also we saw the Caracal, a VERY rare cat.

Our last National Park was Tarangire after completing what I call the Primate Park or Lake Manyara National Park. Here we had 2 nights and ended our adventure with huge herds of elephants among the mighty Baobab trees. On August 26th after having our breakfast we went back to Arusha Town and the Mount Meru Hotel for a day room. After an early dinner my guests David and Erick were driven to Kilimanjaro Airport for their flight back home.

I have wonderful photos to share with the ADS community as follow:

- Mating leopards in North Serengeti.
- First day – big herds of wildebeest migration crossing Mara river.
- Second day – pride of lions with 3 males and seven females seen hunting.
- Klipspringer on a big rock at Kogatende.
- A laped faced vulture posing, waiting to scavenge.
- Male Agama lizard at buffalo spring.
- Crossing again on the first day.
-  Wildebeest were hesitating to cross because of the crocodiles.
- The lion cubs of about 2 weeks old while on morning game drive
- 2 bulls buffalo brothers in Ngorongoro.
- Type of Comodo species of agama lizard at Oldupai gorge.
- Lake magadi, down the crater seen with crowend cranes and flamingos.
- Very rare small cat, called the Caracal at Ngorongoro crater.
- Martial Eagle on top of a balanite tree at central Serengeti.
- A baboon holding her young.
- King and Queen on their honeymoon in the central Serengeti at Utafiti rock.
- Male Ostrich in the Serengeti.
- Cheetah scanning for antelopes in the Serengeti.
- Hippos seen out of the water.
- A young girl Maasai under the Maasai Boma at Loliondo area.


Godson Mbonye.
ADS Guide.

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