By Emmanuel Kichao and Francis Peter – Field Experience

Greetings from Tanzania. This is ADS Driver-Guide Francis and Emmanuel reporting in. We just finished our safari with a group of 11 people from Texas. The first destination was Ngorongoro Crater/towards Serengeti. We experienced an overwhelming amount of game viewing.

The climate was so welcoming as we found the animals all over the crater but the interesting sight for the first day was the resident pride of lions.  They were along Munge river and they were killing a full size of african cape buffalo. The incident  occurred down to the river which caused the lions to work hard to pull out the prey from the river. Not only that but also they were surrounded by a large group of hyenas.

We proceeded towards Serengeti as it was arranged. Weather was was dry, sunny, and dusty across the plains. We had a lot of different and unique sights. We came across a black rhinoceros which is unusual in the Central Serengeti, but it seemed that this was one which escaped from the rhino project area south of Seronera in the Moru Kopjes. As we were there we saw the rangers were coming and tried to chase him back to his original place.

We extended further north which is buffalo springs camp where by we shared cultural tourism with Maasai.  They organized traditional dancing and showing us how to milk the cows and drinking the blood from the cows.

Here with are some pictures to accompany the story above.

With Regards,

Emmanuel Kichao and Francis Peter,
ADS Guides

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