By Thomson Malekia. – An Adventure with Natalia and Judy

Jambo! My name is Thomson and I am guide with ADS. I just concluded my most recent safari tour (August 3rd to August 9th, 2013) with two guests from Florida, USA named Natalia and Judy. My clients arrived on time at Lobo Valley Airstrip in the North Serengeti on August 3rd and we begun the game viewing soon after their arrival. My guests were very enthusiastic and I was delighted that they wanted to carry on with the game drive well into the twilight. We saw a lot at the first day around Lobo Valley, Lobo Hill and Kleins Woodlands. It was an impressive safari for them and we were very luck to see the wild dogs at Ololosokwan valley. We conducted a walking safari within a few meters of the wild dogs with an expatriate from the wild dog project and wild vision game ranger.

Pictures include:

- A family of cheetahs at lobo hill.
- African wild dogs – the most endangered species in the savannah, the wild dog project helps monitor and protect them in the Ololosokwan valley
- Great migration crossing the Mara river from Lamai to Kogatende. ”Impessive”.
- A group of hippos sun bathing in the Mara river,  North Serengeti.
- A key stone species – elephant (bull) pulling down a tree to debark.
- African hippo grazing along the Mara river.
- Vultures eating a wildebeest carcass.
- Cheetah hunting.
- King of the jungle roaring.
- Lion marking its territory.

Thomson Malekia.
ADS guide.

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