By Godson Mbonye – Safari Report August 7, 2013

This is driver-guide Godson Mbonye reporting from Tanzania. On my last safari, I departed my home of Arusha on 20th of July in order to pick up my guests landing into the Kogatende airstrip, North Serengeti. My guests named David and Nicole landed on 23rd July at Kogatende airstrip. Upon arrival, we conducted a game drive in the Mara River area seeing many species of flora and fauna before driving to buffalo luxury camp. We enjoyed 2 nights at buffalo camp with game drives in the surrounding area as well as cultural tourism with the Maasai people. In the game reserve surrounding buffalo, we managed to see 5 wild dogs.

On 25th July we departed to the Central Serengeti for 3 days of camping and to view the various resident animals in this central region of the park. On 28th July we drove to Ngorongoro crater and spent the night at lion’s paw camp before concluding our safari in Tarangire National Park on July 29th and July 30th.

These are the pictures I would like to share with the ADS family!

- Tilapia Fish – Tilapias are found about every where in East Africa and are pictured here while catching food.

- Martial Eagle – Into these branches of an umbrella acacia in Tarangire National Park we saw a big martial eagle of about 8 kgs which was stalking a dik-dik (small antelope) down under a tree.

- Secretary bird – Seen hunting small reptiles in medium tall grasses at the Serengeti Northern Circuit beyond Mara river. This is (saqr-et-tair) means HUNTER BIRD.

- Termite hill – An amazing termite hill seen in shape of a standing pipe along a young acacia tree of about 5 meters height.

- Male lion – Warning strange lions away from their territory, at Seronera valley in Serengeti.

- Female leopard with it’s cub – We saw a female leopard with its cub on a tree.

- Hippopotamus – These hippos were out of the water at Seronera river Central Serengeti. These are semi aquatic animals.

- Snake – Savanna spitting cobra trying to cross the road at sametu kopjes seen hunting small rodents.

- Hyrax – At visitors centre rock, central Serengeti.

- Black rhinoceros at moru kopjes area, also others seen in the open central plain, a few meters from 16 valley area.

- Flamingos at lake magadi down in the Ngorongoro crater, seen with papitus grass – bother lesser flamingos and greater flamingos together.

- Vultures – Lappet faced/Nubian vulture on a balanite tree at platform beyond Mara river.

- Zebras here seen migrating in a line heading for drinking water at Munge river down in the Ngorongoro crater.

- An elephant near Retima hippo pool.

- A very beautiful herd of savanna elephants or Loxodanta Africana, under an umbrella acacia tree seen with makoma hill behind them.

- Three cheetah brothers resting under a balanite tree during te hot day time at northern Serengeti at Kogatende.

- Wild dog in loliondo controlled area at nothern Serengeti near lobo.


Godson Mbonye.
ADS driver.

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