By Thomson and Arnold – A Family Trip To Tanzania.

Jambo! It is your safari guides Thomson and Arnold from Tanzania reporting after the conclusion of our most recent safari that required the use of 2 vehicles and guides. A family of 10 people arrived at the Ndutu airstrip in the South Serengeti at 10.00am on July 15 2013, and we began the game drive around Ndutu area. Our first day turned out to be indicative of our entire safari as we immediately encountered some tremendous wildlife viewing. Let me explain further our first day. We saw a big pride of lions including nine cubs (they seemed to be the Serengeti’s welcoming committee). Immediately afterwards, we saw a cheetah anxious looking for something to eat. However, a lioness from the big pride entertained us all by chasing a warthog. We visited Oldupai Gorge after departing the South Serengeti and continued on our game drive to Ngorongoro Lion’s Paw Camp with a game drive through the Crater along the way. What a day!

The following are some of the pictures to share with you.

010 – Buffalos at lake Manyara.
021 – Mongoose family at Tarangire.
023 – Mongoose on the top of stone at Tarangire.
025 – Hummerkop nest (small bird but makes a huge nest which were up to 90 – 120 kg)
098 – Lion at ndutu big marsh area stalking a warthog.
104 and 106 – Lion cubs drinking water at the marsh area.
111 – Cheetah in the ndutu woodlands area searching for food.
114 and 116 – Elephant bull at small marsh ndutu.
119 – Hippo in the crater.
122 – Grandkids having good time at Ngorongoro Crater (Ngoitoktok springs – picnic site).
128 – Healthy Olive Baboon at Lake Manyara under ground water forest.
130 – Black faced vervet monkey at Silale Swamp, Tarangire.
134 and 136 – Roaring lions while mating.
151 – Camouflaged female leopard at Lobo valley, North Serengeti.
157 – Sun bathing hippo in the Mara river, North Serengeti.
158 – Migration heading towards Mara river.
184, 203, 204, and 211 – ”Learn from the best”. Lion cub sharing wild experience with his mom.
219, 224, 226, and236 – Dark male lion enjoying a wildebeest provided by the female
257 – Like father like son.
261 – Buffalo herd at Mawe ya Nomad
142 – Avocet standing by one leg at lake Magadi in Serengeti.
147 – A bull elephant debarking yellow barked accacia tree


Thomson Malekia and Arnold Mushi,
August 5, 2013
ADS guides.

5 Responses to By Thomson and Arnold – A Family Trip To Tanzania.

  1. Ruth Ann Rauscher says:

    Thomson and Arnold showed us the best Tanzania could offer. Thanks for a wonderful trip of a lifetime. We deeply appreciate all your knowledge and expert guidance on this exciting safari.
    Best Wishes to Thomson and Arnold.

    • Arnold & Thomson. says:

      Thank you very much we are looking forward to see you again. Say hello to everybody in your family. By Arnold and Thomson.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What great sightings!! I knew you’d have a super time!!! Mama Simba

  3. Kathi Rauscher says:

    We had a wonderful time with Arnold and Thomson. Was a great family vacation. Still reviewing photos (final count was 8500). Will share shortly.
    PS Robby says hello and he misses you.

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