By Anglebert Pantaleo with Dan and Lisa G. Family

Jambo from Serengeti. My name is Anglebert Pantaleo and I am a safari guide for Africa Dream Safari. I presently had an eight day family safari with Lauren, Blake, Ryan, Lisa and Dan G. and it was so great. They were from a city called Newport Beach in California, USA and the safari dates were July 19th to July 26th, 2013. This time we started our tour at Ngorongoro crater at Lions Paw camp where we had great adventure. We did see Many lions and they were very active at early hours down at the caldera.

After our one night at the caldera, we move to the endless plain of serengeti and we had two nights at Semetu camp, two nights at buffalo camp and the last two nights was at the Lemale Kuria Hill. The Serengeti was so adventurous. At Seronera valley we had a big pride of 18 lions under the tree just by the side of the road. As it is so dry there was nothing for them to hunt but the gazelles. We watched them try to hunt the gazelles with no success.

The highlights of the northern Serengeti were two sets of three brother cheetahs at the Mara river. First, we had two young brother cheetahs at Wogakuria Kopjes and they looked very unexperienced with the whole surroundings. We had another sight of three brothers at Lamai triangle and they tried to hunt a baby gnu with no success. Generally we had a great family trip and I would like to share 3 pictures which we took during this trip with the entire ADS family.

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