By Peter Meena – Serengeti Safari

We spotted this female cheetah near the Maasai Kopjes in the Central Serengeti. We watched as she began stalking a Thomson Gazelle. With much anticipation, she finally took off and sprinted towards the gazelle and was able to chase it down in less than a minute. It was an awesome spectacle to watch.

This big herd of Gnu’s was seen at Nyamalumbwa plains in the North Serengeti. The area looked so beautiful covered by large herds of wildebeest. This herd was moving from Nyamalumbwa plains towards the Mara River. This is what the northern part of the Serengeti is so famous for during the dry season including July through October.

Tarangire National Park is sometimes referred to as the Baobab National Park and consists not of plains game only, but also animals that inhabit the woodlands such as these elephants. We saw this group of elephants with the young ones marching towards Silale Swamp. They made this part of the world looking very elegant and naturally splendid.

Peter Meena.

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