By Godson Mbonye – Enormous Herds of Wildebeest in Serengeti

On 6th July I was heading to Lemala Mara Camp near Kogatende and the Mara River to prepare for the arrival of my four guests named Smith Family. Kogatende is approximately 500kms from Arusha town.

On 07th July I was on time at the Kogatende Airstrip at 09:55am as the guests were landing with Regional Air. I informed them on each and everything concerning our trip and wildlife viewing in general. After my initial briefing, we went straight to the Mara River where we saw a huge herd of Wildebeest crossing two times in different paths across the river.  This was one of the highlights on the safari and it was a great beginning to their adventure.

Afterwards, we drove to Buffalo Luxury Camp for two nights. While at Buffalo, we managed to conduct our cultural tours with the Maasai tribe.

On 09th July we were on our way towards Sametu Camp located in the Central Serengeti when we watched a pride of 6 lionesses successfully hunt and catch a big bull warthog a few meters from our vehicle. We also saw leopard with a cub at Kwa Swai’s Rock in the Central Serengeti.

On 11th July we departed for Lion’s Paw Tented Camp in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. There we had two nights to conduct game drives inside the Ngorongoro Crater and were lucky to see black rhinoceros and lots of lions including mating activities with the King of Jungle.

On 13th July we departed the Ngorongoro Crater and headed to Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha for my clients flight back home to the USA.

Pictures include:

-A big herd of wildebeest crossing the Mara River

-The Smith family arrival with Regional Air at Kogatende Airstrip on 07th July.

- The second wildebeest herd about 4kms east of where we saw the first herd.

- Among common reptiles mostly seen at Serengeti Kopjes on Rocks we call it ”AGAMA LIZARD”.

-Hippopotamus in the Mara River, North East Serengeti.

-Common zebras drinking water at the Bologonja river in the North East Serengeti.

-Cape Buffalo seen grazing at Kleins Swamp as we headed towards Buffalo Luxury Camp.

-A Maasai giraffe under a balanite tree in the Loliondo Controlled Area.

-Family of Cheetahs in the Central Serengeti preparing to hunt for their lunch.

-Two male lion brothers waiting for the breakfast,

-Godson ADS guide with a male lion, King of the jungle in the Central Serengeti.

-Cubs are waiting for their father’s food remains

-Fish eagle, bird of prey at Seronera river, seen on yellow backed acacia.

-A beautiful Central Serengeti Sunset.

-Bats at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Visitors rest stop.

With regards,

Godson Mbonye.
ADS Guide.

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