At First We Were Scared, But…

We had the most amazing safari imaginable!  It wouldn’t have been the same without our guide Anglebert (pictured above with a friendly cheetah we encountered).  His timing was just right and he captured every opportunity to see and experience the animals in their natural habitats.

He enticed a cheetah to visit us in our car after eating its kill.  At first we were scared, but then he explained that it wouldn’t hurt us.  He knew how to manipulate the car just right and give the cheetah every opportunity to jump on.  At first, it sat on the hood, looking at us through the front windshield as it showed us its teeth. Then, it began eating the antenna and canvass top.  As it became more comfortable, he began exploring the entire car.  As he began walking to the back, over the top, it almost slipped in.  It came within inches of touching us and our guide.  He stayed for about half an hour and it was one of the most exciting parts of our journey.

As we traveled through the Serengeti, we saw many animals enjoying their kills, lion’s mating, baby leopards in their den, a black rhino, and elephants standing right next to us.  Another highlight was that we were lucky enough to see three river crossings as the wildebeests migrated across the Mara River.  Our game drives lasted from early morning to dusk, which allowed us the best times to see the animals.

We kept a list of every kind of animal we saw, and were amazed the Anglebert could identify every kind of bird, insect, and animal.  He was respectful, thoughtful, and considerate of our needs.  He even spoke with many of the chef’s at the different camps and provided us special meals.

Through the combined efforts of Dawn, at ADS and Anglebert as our guide, the trip was fantastic and unforgettable!

Marla G. and Lauren R.
West Bloomfield, Michigan
July 5, 2013 to July 12, 2013

7 Responses to At First We Were Scared, But…

  1. Sherry Crisp says:

    Anglebert – amazing.

  2. Steve & Suzanne says:

    We are impressed with your luck and sage skills with Anglebert. He is the one the best!

  3. Mel says:

    My palms were sweating as I viewed your cheetah photos. What good fortune.

  4. Dave &judy washburn says:

    We miss you anglebert and wish we could visit you again this time of year! Such great photos.

  5. Gayle Trunfio says:


  6. Edwardo & Myschelle says:

    Awesome pictures!

  7. Melanie & Phil Osterhout says:

    Amazing pictures!! We were there last October and I would have loved to have had an upclose encounter with a cheetah. I am counting the days until our next Africa safari.

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