By Anglebert Mrema – A Delightful Experience

I have just completed my trip with Marla and Lauren and we had such an exciting experience in the Serengeti ecosystem.  The year looks to be unusual due to the lack of rains and the rivers have no visible water supply, but unforgettable safari experience are still to be had in the dry season. The cats, ungulates, birds, and great migration crossings are among the life time experiences one may never forget.

One of the highlights of this trip was spotting a mama cheetah with two cubs of about 16 months old feasting on a gazelle. We watched them for a while having our breakfast and later one of the cubs jumped on top of the car and spent over 30 minutes.  We also had a lot of lion sightings at Seronera valley and Sametu Kopjes in the Central Serengeti. At Seronera valley we had over 12 lions crossing the road during sunset and we had a beautiful backlight for pictures.

Other highlights were two baby leopards of about 4 months old at the Loliondo Kopjes. The babies were very playful and were wandering around learning about their environment. At one point they even tried to hunt a dik-dik antelope which was moving around the area with no mama’s presence. We also had a very intelligent baboon nearby our vehicle. This baboon got surprised with the ADS logo that has a lion picture on it. The baboon was gazing at the logo and thinking it is probably a real lion. Later after realizing that it was just some sort of imagination, he walked carefully up to the vehicle to touch the logo.

I have few pictures taken from the trip and it’s again my honor to keep posting them for all the ADS family to see. I hope you enjoy them.

Anglebert Pantaleo Mrema

Lions at Seronera Valley.

Cheetah on the hood of the car.
Marla and Lauren with cheetah.
Cheetah on top of the car.
Great light.
Mama cheetah with two cubs at Boma Kopjes near Sametu.


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