By Ally Dhulkfil – Lioness Catches Thomson’s Gazelle

Greetings from Arusha, Tanzania. My name is Ally, a guide with ADS, and I am home now after completing a safari with a really nice family from Connecticut, USA with a mother, father, 13-year old son, and a 9-year old daughter. Their names were Karen, Alan, Alexander and Isobel. We spent a total of six nights on safari finishing the trip on July 1st when the clients departed back home on KLM Airlines.

One of the most interesting sightings occurred in the Grumeti area of the West Serengeti. We watched a lioness catch a Thomson Gazelle but she did not immediately kill the gazelle. Rather, she seemed to play with it for quite some time. It was very sad to watch and even myself was holding back tears. I explained to the clients that this is how mother nature works. It is all part of the magnificent Serengeti ecosystem though sometimes it can be difficult not to get emotionally involved with the struggles of some of these beautiful animals.


Ally Dhulkfil

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