By Guide Raphael Mollel – A Wonderful Adventure!

Jambo! My name is Raphael, a guide with ADS, and I have just finished my safari ending June 16, 2013 with 2 guests from California, USA. It was an amazing safari because we started in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti where the migration was located. We saw masses of wildebeests together with zebras. If that was not enough, we saw them crossing the Grumeti River and witnessed one wildebeest taken by a crocodile. In the Western Serengeti we also saw a pride of lions hunting multiple wildebeests. They were making successful hunts and then leaving them without eating. In the West Serengeti, we also saw a beautiful white and black colobus monkey and monitor lizard along the grumeti river.

In the central part of the Serengeti (SERONERA VALLEY) we saw a mother leopard with her two cubs enjoying two kills (both thomson gazelles) in a tree. The mother leopard was having a difficult time dragging the prey up the tree as the cubs kept pushing it back to the ground. They did this four times but it was enjoyable for my guests and I to watch.

Around Sametu Kopjes in then Central-Eastern part of the Serengeti we saw a pride of lions eating a buffalo and there was a mother carrying a cub in her mouth not more then ten days old I would estimate.

We drove down into the crater very early in the morning (06:00am) and suddenly we met a black rhino on the road around Lerai forest. We also a saw a Zebra giving birth in the crater. Another very interesting sight was coming across puff adders mating in the middle of the road. Attached here are a few of my pictures.

Zebra being born in the Ngorongoro Crater

Wildebeest crossing the Grumeti River, West Serengeti (note the elephant in the background)

Red dragonfly near the Grumeti River, West Serengeti

A wonderful picture of a mother leopard dragging a Thomson Gazelle up a tree.

One of the leopard cubs is about to start eating the gazelle

A one-tusker elephant in the Ngorongoro Crater

White and Black colobus monkey

Two lions resting at Sametu Kopjes

Male lion with Buffalo kill at Sametu Marsh in Central Serengeti

3 Responses to By Guide Raphael Mollel – A Wonderful Adventure!

  1. Gayle Trunfio says:

    Thanks for sharing — brings back fond memories. I LOVE your country!!

  2. Quan Pho says:

    Hello Raphael,
    Remember ? you were our guide and we had a wonderful time doing the safari with you. Seems like you had an eventful trip this time
    Thao & Quan Pho

  3. Margaret Fishwick says:

    Hi Raphael:
    Your safari sounded wonderful and I know your guests were impressed with all of the sights especially the lions and leopards. Dave and I still talk aboutour trip in April and are still showing friends our video. Thanks again for a FANTASTIC time. Did you receive our package yet? Margaret

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