Traveling with Children?

Here at ADS we conduct a variety of african safari tours from young couples on their honeymoons to large corporate incentive groups to guests celebrating their retirement with a once in a lifetime adventure to Africa. However, it’s sometimes our family safaris that prove to be the most rewarding. Being out in the wilds of Africa, having extraordinary animal encounters and interacting with people from vastly different cultures can result in one of most rewarding and fulfilling family vacations one can possibly undertake. It takes a tremendous amount of research, preparation and planning to make sure that you receive the most out of your african safari when traveling with children. We have put together some specific tips for maximizing your family’s safari experience including diversifying your safari experience with cultural activities, incorporating educational opportunities and planing an appropriate itinerary. Also, our junior game ranger program for children under age 12 offers a more structured program to keep your little ones engaged throughout the whole trip. Lastly, here is a great family testimonial with photos, which testifies to one family’s amazing experience.

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