By Wilfred Fue – Rare Caracal Spotted

My name is Wilfred Fue with ADS.  The following are a few pictures I took during my last safari. Some of the highlights of my safari were as follows:

- Spotting the rare Caracal, a mysterious cat that is rarely seen in the Serengeti. It can be easily identified by its long ear tufts and is one of the most sought after animals by many guides (including myself) because of its rarity.

- Tree climbing lions in Serengeti near Lake Magadi.

- A Grant’s gazelle giving birth at Angata Kiti in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

- Watching a flap necked chameleon. This is an amazing reptile with a sticky tongue, almost the length of its body. It has the ability to catch and hold 30% of its own body weight.

Thank You,

Wilfred Fue / ADS Driver-Guide

The rare Caracal cat! We spotted this on the eastern edge of Central Serengeti between Ngarenanyuki and Sametu Kopjes.

This cheetah successfully chased down a Thomson’s gazelle in the Gol Kopjes area of the East Serengeti.

Grant’s gazelle giving birth.

She is now cleaning the newborn fawn.

A flap-necked chameleon.

The male lion is not happy!

Tree climbing lions near Lake Magai is the South Serengeti

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