By Anglebert – Green Season Over The Serengeti

My name is Anglebert Pantaleo, a guide for ADS. Having completed my last safari started from March 25th to April 03rd, the entire Serengeti was so extraordinary with regard to the wildlife viewing. We had a well planned safari with a great pace starting from the Central Serengeti at the Four Seasons Lodge for two nights, then we moved to the Eastern Serengeti Plain at Sametu Camp where we felt real close to nature. We had three nights at Lake Masek Camp at the southern plain of Serengeti and Ndutu forest, as well as one night at Ngorongoro Serena Lodge where we had a great experience visiting the caldera.

It is the green season on Serengeti Plains as well as the Ngorongoro Crater and although it is raining, we had an incredible game viewing experiences. We always recommend the green season because it’s so picturesque with diverse flora and fauna, including the migrants birds. Also, there are very few vehicles around, which makes the game viewing more private and thus more rewarding. This is always the best time for guiding.

The game viewing my group had was unforgettable and I would like to share with you some of the pictures that I have taken.

Lanar Falcon perching on a rock at the crater floor.

6 Responses to By Anglebert – Green Season Over The Serengeti

  1. Steve & Suzanne says:

    Good to see you are active and still taking great photos. The birds are nice, as well as the cats! Hope to do this agin with you in the “green season”!

    • Anglebert says:

      Jambo Steve & Suzanne, it will be so great to see you over the serengeti again and hope you will plan this sooner than later. You did the crossing season which was so great and the experience we had with the close encounter with the animals still linger in my head. Do you remember the last morning at swala when you were asking for the dogs and we find them 30mn later? hope to see you during the green season. its so great

  2. Alejandra Mugica says:

    My family was the fortunate group to share this unforgettable safari with Anglebert whose knowledge and expertise amazed us at every moment. I will post our review and photos very soon. Thanks Anglebert, thanks ADS. Our second safari was absolutely amazing!!!!

  3. Dave &judy washburn says:

    Jambo Angelbert!
    It has been just over one year since we spent our wonderful safari with you. We got together with our traveling companions, Steve and Sandy, recently to watch “Hatari” in your honor. Thanks for some great memories. Your pictures make us smile.

  4. Donna Archer says:

    Absolutely Outstanding – the night shot is my very favorite.

  5. Anglebert says:

    So glad hearing from you and That you watch the movie HATARI. Thats always my favorite. The year had been so great with very interesting sights. Always like taking pictures and will keep posting some after each safari. And as you know, my wish is to see you back to Tanzania again

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