By Thomson Malekia – The Marsh Pride and Other Safari Highlights

My name is Thomson Malekia and I am a guide with ADS. I have returned home from my latest safari with my guests Karen and Brad D. from the U.S. We experienced many wildlife highlights during the course of our 6-night safari in the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Here are some of the highlights and also a few pictures I took with my little pocket camera.

- My first picture above is of the famous Marsh Pride. The territory of this pride consists of a broad stretch of the Lake Ndutu and Lake Masek woodlands in the South Serengeti. The pride is frequently found near the small marsh at Ndutu where they den their cubs and hence the name of the pride. It was my guests dream to see a big pride of lions like this and we enjoyed the sighting for quite some time. The cubs were very interesting to watch while they wrestled each other.

- Watching several lions in a sausage tree. Lions frequently climb trees in the Serengeti during the green season to escape the flies that can be a nuisance to them. It’s always enjoyable to watch these large cats attempt to climb. They are not nearly as skilled climbers compared with leopards.

- A large colony of Banded Mongoose. These animals feed mainly off of insects in the Serengeti and forage in large groups.

-Wildebeests bulls fighting in the Olubaye woodlands

-A large herd of elephants around Moru Kopjes

-A pride of four female lioness sunbathing in the middle of Serengeti plains surrounded by a sea of grasses stretching from horizon to horizon

-Greater Flamingos feeding at Lake Ndutu.

-Giraffe drinking water at the small marsh at Ndutu

- Three cheetah brothers stalking wildebeests. With all the young wildebeest calves currently on the Serengeti plains, cheetahs and various other predators are having a relatively easy time capturing their food.

- The great migration surrounding Matiti Hill in the South Serengeti.

Many Thanks,

Thomson Malekia
March 27, 2013

Beautiful Ngoitokitok Springs, Ngorongoro Crater

The great migration in the South Serengeti
Three cheetah brothers stalking wildebeests
Giraffe drinking water at the small marsh at Ndutu
Greater Flamingo feeding at Lake Ndutu
A pride of four female lioness sunbathing at the middle of the Serengeti plains
Large herd of elephants around Moru Kopjes – Serengeti.
Wildebeest bulls challenging to each other

Lions in a sausage tree

Banded Mongoose

6 Responses to By Thomson Malekia – The Marsh Pride and Other Safari Highlights

  1. Glyn and Marg Cook says:

    Hi Thomson,Just a quick note to say hello,there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of the amazing trip we had with you back in July.Glad to see you are still doing well.thanks Glyn&Marg[hooser looser canadians]

  2. Gary Nelson says:

    How many days was your tour?

  3. Reggie says:

    your the best Thomson this is really good i hope Karen and Brand enjoy a lot.

  4. Logger & Cheryl says:

    Hello Thomson! We had such an awesome adventure with you & Michael! I am still sorting through our pictures. You two were the best of sports handling our group of 10! It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Our best to you both -we think of you often!

  5. Julie & Adrian Allegri says:

    Hey Thomson- So good to see you’re still on Safari with ADS! We were watching our Video the other night with Glyn & Marg-you were singing “Jambo” our last night when they delivered our “Goodbye” Cake to us at the Kikoti Tented Camp! We had so much fun hearing you singing!!! We will always have our wonderful memories of our trip and of course you! Adrian says Hi!

  6. Brad Dumm says:

    I’m just getting around to seeing the blog you put up of our trip with you – you were quick on getting the pictures of our trip up! We really enjoyed our time with you – you defintely made our trip a great adventure! Thanks so much! Brad Dumm

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