African Safari Tours – Itinerary Tip #2

Planning an african safari to the Serengeti, East Africa is a complicated endeavor. The Serengeti National Park is an enormous ecosystem (roughly the size of Massachusetts). Though the park is arguably the finest african safari destination in all of Africa due to its large concentrations and diversity of wildlife, the vast distances makes maximizing game viewing an inherent challenge. Safari tours to Tanzania offer seemingly limitless options so below are some quick planning tips to help one develop the best itinerary possible: #2. The second most important component of any well balanced travel itinerary is to add an additional two nights on safari to a different region of the Serengeti (i.e. in addition to the central region) to capture the migratory animals namely the famous great migration, which describes the seasonal movements of wildebeest, zebra, gazelle and eland. From December to April, the southern plains are the place to be and from July to November a stay in the northern woodlands will put you close to the action. During the transitional months in May and June, the western Serengeti offers the best location to view the migratory herds. Stay tuned for african safari trip recommendation #3!

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