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You can read about itineraries, animals and locations on the Africa Dream Safari (ADS) web site and blogs. I want to complement the company at another level – with the expert help my husband and I received from our safari consultant, Lynn and our guide, Petro.

From the very beginning, as we compared safari companies, Lynn was the difference maker. As a matter of fact, it was Lynn’s quick email response and the way that she answered our questions that convinced us to travel with ADS.

As time got closer to our departure from home and arrival in Africa, I had an excited anticipation of the journey in front of me, but I also wondered about language, customs, etc., and if all the preparations and connections would be smooth. I cannot emphasize enough how well everything went, how perfect African Dream Safaris were in meeting us at our lodge (we had a meeting before our safari), taking care of us the night before the safari began, getting us to the Arusha airport, and meeting our guide as we stepped off the commuter plane in the Serengeti.

The following are some practical things I either experienced on the safari or would have wanted to know before going:

• Our driver, Petro, took very good care of his vehicle. Every day we entered a washed, cleaned Land Cruiser. Even the floor was washed, which gets very dirty and dusty from the roads.

• Each morning, you get welcomed by your guide in a fully stocked vehicle, complete with as much water as you can drink and any meals needed for the day’s drive. It is such a luxury, there is no thinking necessary for you for the day’s essentials. You only have to think about what you want to bring and how to enjoy the day.

• It is uncanny how rocks and trees can look like animals in the distance when you are in nature. Petro had amazing eyes and knew how to distinguish tree limbs from animal limbs. He also knew animal behavior well enough to know when to wait for something to happen.

• Wonderful meals were served in the lodging establishments where we stayed

• There was plenty of bottled water to drink

• Deluxe bed coverings on queen size beds

• Tents are not the pop tents of boy and girl scouts! These tents are complete with queen or king sized beds, sitting rooms and bath facilities. Most had desks. Staff at tent camps were very friendly and helpful.

• The tent lodgings are in the middle of the jungle, and there are animals around, but do not be afraid. There is protection from local Masaai people, who know how to deal with the animals. They walk you to and from your tent after dark and they stay up all night, keeping the animals away.

• Do not bring old currency (before the year 2000) or even new currency that is taped together. Not accepted. Bring more small currency than you think you will need.

• In January, in the lodgings we have stayed at, the flies and mosquitoes were not been bad at all. I also invested in anti bug clothing. My husband and I did not use, nor need, any Deet products.

• At several establishments, coffee was delivered to our room, with a cookie, as soon as the light was turned on in the morning, as we had discussed the night before .

• Ipads and Apple products can be plugged directly into socket, with adapter. You dont need a converter

Very early in our vacation , we learned to relax and trust the company. Our faith in Africa Dream Safaris was always realized and all connections were seamless. I wholeheartedly recommend this company and would travel with them again.

Jim and Nancy Barnett
Fox Point, Wisconsin
Safari Dates: January 15, 2013 to January 25, 2013

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  1. Mark LaRose says:

    We went on a trip in 2009 and your comments about trusting the guide ring so true. It also took until late in the safari for us to realize how the vehicle was clean each morning. My only regret is that I didn’t express my amazement when we returned on the website as you did…. We are returning this summer, and I plan to correct that!

    It’s amazing how a “once in a lifetime” trip becomes something that you immediately start to plan to repeat! Africa seems to get under your skin, especially when it is done as well as ADS does the Serengeti!

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