Dawn’s FAQ of the Week: Travelling with a CPAP Machine

I use a CPAP Machine to help me sleep.  Will this be a problem on safari?

CPAP machines seems to be pretty common these days. But, since the machines need a power source, it is important to be aware that some lodges only have generator power, and only run their generator during certain hours of the day. Even lodges that operate 24/7 electricity, in ‘the bush’ there can sometimes be unplanned power interruptions. Taking this into consideration, I would strongly recommend you consider bringing along a CPAP battery. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one at the link below. That way you can recharge the battery each day during hours when the generators are operating, and then have full use of your CPAP machine at night. This has been a fantastic solution for past clients, and continues to be useful for other travel occasions well after the safari is over. Here is a link where you can read about and purchase a CPAP battery:


2 Responses to Dawn’s FAQ of the Week: Travelling with a CPAP Machine

  1. Robert Baker says:

    I would recommend that safari travelers bring a battery charger that can be plugged into the Land Cruiser. (See African Dreams handbook.) I brought two batteries for my CPAP and made sure that one stayed charged. The camps don’t always run their generators when you can leave a battery for charging. With two batteries and a charger, I had no problems.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks for the great advice Robert! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and are otherwise doing well!

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