From Guide Ally Dhulkfil – Mara River Crossing Photos

I am back in Arusha now after finishing my latest safari. I think my guests can agree that the wildlife viewing was outstanding. Two of the most interesting sightings to me were seeing the wildebeest crossing the Mara River (we saw two separate crossings) on October 4th and also spotting the very endangered wild dog. There is a pack of about 16 dogs that have been ranging inside Tarangire National Park and it is a really special experience to be one of the lucky persons to see this rare predator.

3 Responses to From Guide Ally Dhulkfil – Mara River Crossing Photos

  1. Elaine Jaworowski says:

    Beautiful sunset

  2. danahjerabek says:

    Ally, thougth I would hear from you after we left you. Remember me, Joe, and Windagi. Please send me your email so that I can be in tough. Hunter has gone to Colorado to work for the winter in a ski resort. We spent Christmas with him and he seems to be good. What are you doing these past months. Thnk about Africa all the time. Would like to cme and volunteer. We all would like to come back. Please communicate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your email in this past months i have been busy or i can say my hands were full co’z of safaris well if you want to contact with me just via ADS office in USA happy that your doing just great happy new year


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