ADS Guest Spots Rare Gerenuk Antelope On Safari

We have been procrastinating writing about our September 2012 adventure with ADS as it is impossible to put the most EXTRAODINARY trip ever into words. There are not powerful enough words to describe how all your senses are overwhelmed during a safari. However, we will try.

After much research we chose ADS which turned out to be the best choice for a truly wonderful adventure. Dawn Anderson was remarkable from start to finish in planning our adventure for the two couples in our party. It really makes a difference to have a company with offices here in the United States and offices in Tanzania. Dawn was only a phone call away during all the planning and preparation. She never made you feel like any question was out of the ordinary. She was even able to pull off a last minute request for a driver (Russell who was also excellent) to take us to visit a medical doctor and his family our church sponsors. While travelling to and from the small village we saw many animals in the wild including the very rare Gerenuk which even Russell had never seen!

After flying to the Northern Serengeti we were greeted by the fantastic guide: Raphael Mollel. There cannot be a more skilled, patient, intelligent, professional and gentle guide! He surprised you day after day with all the animals he could spot, his knowledge of wildlife and just plain fun to be around. His command of the English language is phenomenal. He was able to give us ring side seats at the Mara River crossing of wildebeest’s and zebra’s, close up views of the “big five”, “ugly five”, beautiful birds, varieties of unique trees, many natural instincts that all animals engage in, a monkey joining for a couple minutes in our vehicle, Mesa rituals and historical facts, his life experiences living in Tanzania and other laughs and experiences too funny and embarrassing to mention here!

Each member of the ADS team from our airport arrival, help in filling out legal paperwork, the instructions from the “Meet and Greet Teams”, along with those mentioned above are professional and a cut above the rest. Having a small group of four along with a personalized itinerary was perfect. During our two weeks on safari we meet other travelers with other safari companies and none compare in our minds to ADS. They are the “BEST”.

Bob and Cindy Sandberg
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Safari Dates: September 7, 2012 to September 16, 2012

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