Three Generations on Safari in Tanzania!

Safari Photo by Brit Huckabay with wildebeest migration in background. From left to right: Hunter Huckabay, Crosby Huckabay and Callie Huckabay (sun glasses) with Grayson Huckabay seen through the window.

Dear Lynn,

The entire Huckabay tribe joins me in thanking you for an absolutely wonderful safari! I don’t mean to sound sappy, but it really was like living out a dream that Prestine and I had cherished for years. Ever since our first safari in 2004, we have wanted to take our children and grandchildren on the same kind of adventure–but we just did not think it was possible. Thanks to the careful planning and hard work that you and Prestine did together, it became possible and we were able to enjoy that dream as a living reality–and to build happy memories that will last for a lifetime.

We cannot say enough good things about African Dream Safari, and your attention to every detail. Every where we went, we were met and cared for by representatives of your company, and they left no stone unturned in meeting our needs and doing all they could to make everyone happy. That did not happen by coincidence or accident, and we thank you. As you and Prestine worked out details of the trip, I felt that you were taking a deep personal interest in us, and almost adopting us as a family. We felt your personal touch in all that happened, and we thank you for that.

All of our drivers (Pokea, Petros, and Thomson) were excellent–each with his own particular personality and special skills– and we came to love each one. Each of the lodges and hotels was different and special in its own way. The game drives were productive and thrilling–”awesome” as the kids say. Prestine and I rotated from land cruiser to land cruiser each day, so that we could experience each group. Our big payoff came in hearing the excited cries from our kids and grand kids as they saw the Big 5 plus gillions of wildebeestes, zebras, gazelles–not to mention giraffes, hippos, hyenas, crocodiles —we even saw a couple of honey badgers! Every day was mind blowing–and we loved it.

We did experience the great beers–Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Tusker and Safari. Our three college students tried to drink it all–and though they put a serious dent in the beer supply, I think there is some left. This is not to say that the adults did not enjoy it as well–my personal favorite was Serengeti. Of course the South African wines are some of the best in the world–and we enjoyed our share of them.

Thank you for planning and executing every detail which made us comfortable and happy. The first day in Arusha, when we had a chance to rest up from the long flight and visit a school to bring supplies to those children was special. It touched us all. And when the safari was over, we especially appreciated the nice touch of having a day room back at the Mt. Meru Hotel so that we could clean up and change into our travel clothes. We also enjoyed a delicious light meal at the hotel before heading to the airport–again a tribute to your thoughtful planning.

As an added bonus, Prestine and I thoroughly enjoyed being anointed “Babu” and “Bibi” by our drivers and receiving special treatment the entire time–it was great!

My only regret, Lynn, is that we did not get to see you in person–and I hope someday, somewhere–we will make up for that. Certainly if you ever come to our part of the world, we will be delighted to show you some southern hospitality as our guest! Thank you again for all you did for us–all of the Huckabays join me in sending our best wishes and love. God bless you.

Hunter Huckabay and Family
Chattanooga, Tennessee
July 2012

3 Responses to Three Generations on Safari in Tanzania!

  1. Michael Wishner says:

    One of my favorites. I think the last picture sums it up!

  2. Caldwell Huckaba says:

    I miss my boy Thompson. If you are reading this email me @ i got a bunch of new music for you.

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