Meet Experienced ADS Guide – Reggie

In this video, an ADS guest films their guide Reggie talking about his experience working for Africa Dream Safaris. With over 14 years of experience in the bush, he tells a story of how he handled a close encounter with a female lion on one of his safari adventures with a vehicle filled with eager and excited guests.

9 Responses to Meet Experienced ADS Guide – Reggie

  1. Kristi Phelps says:

    We miss you Reggie!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks very much for your comments ,its nice to have this chance to say Jambo !today i a m at north Serengeti and we saw wildebeest crossing the mara river and crocodile kill one wildebeest, its rain north serengeti and very green.Reggie

  2. Jim Sneed says:

    Thank you for sharing this video of Reggie. Six of us went on a ADS safari several years ago and had Reggie and Yusef as our guides – as one of my traveling mates (General Don Infante) said “Reggie is one hell of a man and one hell of a guide”. Kinda sounds like what a retired general would say, doesn’t it?


    just watched the video of Reggie is was fun brought back many wonderful memories.

  4. Steve Monroe says:

    Reggie was absolutely the greatest. Linda and I loved our trip with him, very much enjoyed dining with him and Michael when Reggie visited LA several years later, talk about Tanzania often, and hope to get our kids and grandchild to return with us to go again with Reggie some day.

  5. The Yaun Family says:

    Reggie was our guide two summers ago — and is absolutely the best. His knowledge of the bush is unmatched, and he is great with kids and family!

    We miss you, Reggie!

  6. Yvonne says:

    Maybe Reggie will be our guide!

  7. Kari McCloskey says:

    My dad and I had Reggie as our guide a few years ago and he was exceptional. We still talk about what a great guide and what a great man he is. Reggie, we miss you!
    Kari and Mario

  8. Reggie says:

    I have read all the comments about my video and it means so much to me personally to be remembered by everyone in such a positive way. I have met so many wonderful and interesting guests over the years, and it has been my pleasure to be your guide. As you know, Tanzania is my home, and I cannot tell you what it means to be able to share my home with so many good people by working with ADS. I would like to say thank you to EVERYONE for taking the time to write. Asante Sana! Reggie

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