Help Plan Your Safari With Our New Report Archives

Are you planning a safari? Want to see pictures and read specific safari reports from the month or season that you are interested in travelling? Wondering what past ADS guests have said on say a safari in February or July or September or December?

Well, check out the newly organized archives section of our travelogue and safari blog. Here you can select a specific month from almost 5 years of data and read past trip reports or browse past customer pictures. This is invaluable information from a planning perspective.

One of hardest decisions when planning a safari is deciding upon which month or season to travel. Each month has its own unique highlights, pros and cons. Perhaps the best way to get a feel for each season is to read first hand accounts from prior guests that traveled in the particular month that you are interested in. Then, talk it over with your safari consultant and have him or her weigh in with their own personal recommendations.

To access our archives section with 5 years of past data, trip reports and customer testimonials, simply go to the ADS Blog and scroll down the page until you see the ARCHIVES section in the LEFT HAND MARGIN. Click on any of the months you are interested in traveling to read all the testimonials, bush reports, updates for that specific month.

One Response to Help Plan Your Safari With Our New Report Archives

  1. david sluyter says:

    interested in a safari in Nov/Dec 2012 or feb. 2013. How do you work – would we join a group? How large.

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