Bush Report – January 16, 2012

Driver Guide: Wilfred Fue
Date: January 16, 2012

Plenty of Wildebeest in the South Serengeti around Ndutu Woodlands through Kusini Plains as well as Matiti Plains. Amazing numbers of zebras around the area of the The Triangle and Gol Kopjes. Many gazelles from Naabi Hill through Gol Kopjes and further east to Lemuta Hills. All these migratory ungulates are being followed by the carnivores especially lion, cheetah and spotted hyenas. As it has been quite dry the last week in the southern and eastern Serengeti plains, the migration may move north and west off the plains and to the Central Serengeti woodlands including Moru Kopjes.

The Central Serengeti was very exiting for the big cats especially leopards and lions. Resident animals were plentiful including hippos, buffaloes, giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, reedbuck and waterbucks.

Sparse but good sightings in the North Serengeti especially fore the rare rock python near Lobo Swamp moving out to avoid the high population of elephants who were drinking and wallowing.

The most unusual sighting encountered was a lone lioness near Sametu Camp that had just killed an aardvark – one of the extremely rare nocturnal animals. We also encountered 5 lions on the Kusini plains that successfully stalked and killed a wildebeest at a small waterhole as it came to drink water.

10 Responses to Bush Report – January 16, 2012

  1. Sally Zuponcic says:

    Wilfred was our guide in 2008 and it was so nice to see his smiling face this morning – He was a fantastic guide and gave us the vacation of a lifetime. Thanks Wilfred and ADS!

  2. Ricardo Delgado says:

    Wilfred was our guide in November 2009. I took my father for his 70th birthday and it was the trip of a lifetime. That is Wilfred in that picture always smiling which brightened every morning for us as we headed out on game drives at 6am. He made our trip incredible with his genuine hospitatility and th ability to accommodate us in every way. Thank you very much Fue.

    Delgado Family

    • Michael says:

      Hi Richard – I am delighted to hear about your experience. How wonderful to get to celebrate your father’s 70th birthday on safari. It doesn’t get any better then that.

  3. Donna Archer says:

    Wilfred guided us through the most spectacular adventure in 2008. We are headed back this March and he will again be our guide. We can hardly wait to see him and the fabulous Serengeti.

    • Michael says:

      Jambo Donna – We love forward to welcoming you back to Tanzania this March! March is right around the corner so it won’t be long now.

  4. Guy McWhorter says:

    Wilfred it’s nice to see your smiling face. Its hard to beleive that just over two weeks ago we were in the Land Cruiser with you taking it all in. You are an expert at what you do and you provided us with not only an amazing experience but an education. I’m back in Seattle, with snow on the ground wishing I was still there with the Tanzanian sun hitting my face while driving the Serengeti. Thank you Wilfred. Keep up the great work you do.
    Guy McWhorter

    • Michael says:

      Hi Guy,

      Thanks for referring the Arnold Family. It is very much appreciated. I believe you met them in Arusha just after you finished up your safari. They happened to have grown up very close to where our office here in Palos Verdes is located…small world! Well, they were so jazzed after talking to you that they left a couple days later for the Serengeti. They just returned back and I hear they had a brilliant time in the bush.

  5. Fred Hansen says:

    Ahhhh–nice way to start my day seeing Wilfred’s smile—wish I could hear the “jambo”. Like Guy, we are back home in Colorado, lots of snow–miss the Serengeti so much!! Wilfred–you are amazing and have a piece of our heart!!

    We are getting some pics printed soon and will be mailing them to Dawn to have delivered to you Wilfred–especially of few of the cat pics….

    Fred, Denise and Deb

  6. Hiilary says:

    Wilfred was our guide last winter. He was the best. He would take his binoculars and just keep searching and out of no where he’d find an animal that was either rare, or just camflouaged . My husband and our 2 friends loved the trip that was headed by our expert guide Wilfred. The best trip ever!

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