My Strong Recommendation to Trust ADS

Hi Dawn,

I wanted to thank you. The trip was just amazing, and we would not have changed a thing. From starting with the Private Luxury Camp, to finishing at the Ngorongoro Sopa – it was just a perfect flow. Wilfred is amazing, and we have already given several recommendations for ADS and Wilfred (he is a gem – I am sure you know that). The vehicle was much more comfortable than hoped – I had zero back issues. We had lots of spice in the trip, from getting stuck axel deep, (and amazed at how fast 5 guides were there to help – just perfect and additional experience/stories that we will laugh about for a lifetime.

Your guidance and ability to gain our trust was a blessing – you are good at what you do. ADS under promised (though it did not seem so at the time we booked) and over delivered – and I will give you the best gift I can – my strong recommendation to trust ADS for your once in a lifetime Africa safari.

Fred, Denise, Debie and Guy
Bisbee, Arizona
January 2012

One Response to My Strong Recommendation to Trust ADS

  1. Caroline Salgado says:

    It sounds wonderful. I wish I could afford a trip like this. Do you need any employees. I’d be glad to work for a free trip.

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