Bush Report – December 2011

The large wildebeest herds that were previously ranging the eastern Serengeti plains from Naabi Hill through Gol and Barafu Kopjes have shifted south over the last couple of weeks. Though there are still some scattered herds in the Triangle area around Naabi Hill, the bulk of the Migration is now concentrated in the deepest southern regions of the Serengeti Ecosystem including the Matiti Plains, which are located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area about 10 miles southwest of the Lake Ndutu/Lake Masek area (Ndutu Lodge, Lemala Ndutu and Lake Masek Camps). There are also some scattered herds on the Kusini Plains.

This season we were all surprised with the early onset of the rains and hence the southern Migration, which started a full two months ahead of time in early October (as opposed to early December). The showers continued through November and December and the entire Serengeti and Ngorongoro Ecosystem is a brilliant emerald green. The last week has been dry and sunny and perhaps signals the start of general drying out period. Let’s hope not as if the plains dry, the migration will disperse back into the woodlands and game viewing, in general, will suffer for at least the plains animals. Remember the old Serengeti adage is ‘rain means game’ so lets keep our fingers crossed that at least some precipitation continues through the rest of the green season.

To provide a better understanding of the amazing transformation the Serengeti Ecosystem has undertaken over the last couple of months, see below for two pictures taken from the Ngorongoro Crater view point with the first one take a few weeks ago and the second one take a few months ago. What a difference a little rain makes!

2 Responses to Bush Report – December 2011

  1. Guy McWhorter says:

    I just returned from Tanzania yesterday and can attest to what has been said about the green and migration having been there in the last few days! What an experience. It is beautiful and like nothing I have ever seen. I plan on writing and submitting my own expereince soon (let me get over the jet lag so I can think clearly)but until then I will say THANK YOU to ADS! EVERY ADS employee we came in contact with(both in the US and in Tanzania) were superior at what they do. Our guide Wilfred was THE BEST and not only showed us amazing things but taught us more than I could have hoped to learn! KUDOS to ADS and thank you for such an amazing expereince! Respectfully, Guy McWhorter

    • Michael says:

      Welcome home and thank you for your positive feedback. It is very much appreciated. We are very pleased to hear you had a wonderful safari experience in Tanzania. I know you must be exhausted from the long flight home but please do remember to send us some pictures. I am really interested to see some more photos of those emerald green Serengeti Plains. Everyone is very excited at the moment with the wildlife viewing especially on the southern and eastern Serengeti Plains. It’s a great time for a safari!

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