New Years on Safari

WOW – what an amazing experience!

I can honestly say that each day I daydream about being back on our amazing adventure, I so did not want it to end. Wilfred was incredible. What a kind, funny man and an absolute wealth of information! We even tried to ask him questions that he would have to look into his library of books for to no avail, he was well versed on everything from weather, animals, history, insects, and plantlife, he did not miss a beat.

Of course, I should add that my travel partners were great as well. We laughed (full on belly laughs), learned and certainly shared experiences that will last us a lifetime.

I personally found the simplicity of nature in its purest state to be much needed food for my soul. I felt that I arrived in Tanzania, looking forward to an adventure, but returned with so much more than that. My experience could be classified as nothing less than simply amazing, and nourished my soul in ways I never anticipated.

Take care Dawn and again thanks for all your assistance to us!

Denise and Fred Hansen
Loveland, Colorado
December 2011

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